Interior Design Ideas Using 3D Wallpapers

3D wallpaper designs for walls are meant to be arresting and eye-capturing. Interior designers can create maximum impact with minimal effort by smartly using 3D wallpapers on home walls. They bring in style, as well as make a strong visual statement. 3D wallpapers bring in 'oomph' to any space. The wallpaper patterns boast of detailing, shading, and simulated lighting effects; all of which create a surreal imagery that pops out in an interior space. Excel Wallpapers have a large variety of digitally printed 3D wallpapers. As one of the leading names in the home decor sector, our brand is always working towards bringing in the latest and trendiest of global wall fashion to Indian homes. Wallpaper for walls is one of the best means to add colour and personality to one's home interiors. 3D wallpapers, in particular, can instantly add glamour and style to every nook and corner of the home. The favourable aspect of 3D wallpapers is that they come in all sorts of patterns and styles. Here we take a look at some excellent home decor ideas using 3D wallpaper designs.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: Versace IV
Pattern id: 370482




Pattern id: MX3027

Geometric Wallpapers

When it comes to 3D wallpaper for walls, geometric patterns are the most popular in this category. From circles to hexagons and squares to triangles, these wallpaper designs can be extremely versatile and flexible. This makes them a perfect fit for any room. A grid-like pattern is used where the hexagons or circles feature a shadowing effect to provide a sense of depth to the walls with its concave look. Light pastels, white, dark beige, and greys are some suitable shades which can bring out the 3D grid effect on wallpapers. Be it the living room or an entrance corridor, 3D geometric wallpapers create an impressive look. Designers can being in the illusion of depth even with a minimalist wallpaper pattern.




CorkCollection: Esprit 14
Pattern id: AS366742

Floral Wallpapers

3D wallpaper designs for walls are meant to “pop out” against the flat expanse of a wall. While most floral wallpapers have a more traditional or classic aesthetic; using a 3D effect gives this style a more modern and stylish look. Floral 3D wallpapers add a contemporary touch to the space, balancing the riot of colours with a simple minimalist decor scheme. 3D florals are the best pick for making an accent wall. They can work effectively in every part of the home – entrance hallway, dining area, living room, master bedroom, and even, the bathroom. The rich colours coupled with the 3D effect make for a stunning visual finish that can become the visual focus in any room.




Customized Wallpapers

Digitally printed 3D wallpapers open up a whole new world of design and creativity. A lush green forest that looks so realistic as if the birds and animals have stepped inside physically; a peaceful courtyard with Lord Buddha meditating under an enormous tree; or Spiderman wallpaper where the superhero is within hand’s reach – these are just a few examples. Digitally printed wallpaper designs for walls have a photorealistic finish, and the 3D effect creates a crisp, quality imagery with shadows and lighting. The sense of depth is brought to real life, making the space feel more alive and open.

Excel Wallpapers have a sizeable collection of 3D wallpaper designs. From floral and geometric wallpapers in 3D styles to digitally printed customized solutions, we offer decorating ideas for every kind of home.