The magic of interior designing happens in the smallest decisions. From experimenting with wallpaper designs for wall to choosing the position of furniture, from organizing accessories to hanging artwork, these tiny details play a big role in home décor. Interior designers always work hard to deliver the best for their clients.

The ideal interior design is about achieving the perfect balance between glamour and elegance. The home décor should be fine-tuned to the client’s preferences, while still being pleasing for all eyes. When prepping up an interior space, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Do not forget to add colour

Minimal style furnishings and neutral colour palettes are quite popular among homeowners. They create a warm and cosy space, giving off a chic and urbane vibe. But designing a large room with neutral walls can leave it a bit lacking sometimes. Every room needs a focal point. When a space is devoid of any colour, there is no spark in it. Designers can add in a bright and quirky wallpaper design for wall to bring colour and life to a room.

Wallpapers are just the right accessory to add some personality to any space. Excel offers a wide range of wallpaper collections, presenting the very best of global wall fashion.


Do not skip the lighting

Sometimes, even the most beautiful décor can be let down by bad lighting. Do not ever rely on a single lighting source to light up a room. Just having a ceiling fixture is not enough. A room, especially a bedroom or reading corner, needs some ambient lighting to create a soft mood and for relaxing tasks like reading. If it is the living room, it needs accent lighting to focus on special décor accessories like a wall art or special painting.

Pro Tip by Excel: Designers can use white wallpaper design to make a room feel brighter. Light is reflected off white walls, which makes a room feel brighter and more open than it is.



Do not match it all

While it is agreed that there must be harmony in the décor scheme of a room, do not make every element match with every other element. While designers shall try to co-ordinate and complement different aspects in a room, overmatching must be avoided. Rooms with no contrast come off as boring and lack personality.

Adding window blinds to an interior space can be a nice trick to break the cohesiveness of a room. Excel’s customised window blind solutions are a perfect way to add some contrast to a room without disturbing the existing décor. Sometimes breaking the harmony of a synchronized space can make it come alive. Excel provides digitally printed window blinds to spell magic to one’s interiors.



Do not overlook the flooring design

Designers and home decorators often tend to overlook the impact of flooring on the interiors of a room. In most of urban homes, one will find premium marble floors, faux natural stones, or ceramic tiles. While they look good, there is nothing remarkable about their appearance.

To create a chic, refined and distinctive aesthetic sense, Excel brings the latest innovation in world of flooring, SPC Floor Planks. It is moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, eco-friendly and fire-retardant. SPC Floor stands for ‘Stone Plastic Composite’ or ‘Stone Polymer Composite’, a limestone core combined with PVC dust and a stabilizer. The premium finish brings in a sophisticated panache to any interiors.



With Excel, interior designers never have to worry about making any faux pas with the home décor. Providing complete interior solutions with wallpapers, window blinds and flooring, Excel takes care of all design requirements.