Infuse Some Wit & Delight in Your Interiors

Some days, you're just done with the world. Energies are drained and you want to go home and sleep off. But,there is that party that just cannot be missed. You reach the address and as soon as you enter the room, your sour and grumpy mood is gone. Looking at the beautiful walls, you feel fresh and energized. Some homes are just designed like that.

Good home decor is not about expensive accessories. One can use minimalist furniture and some beautiful wallpaper designs to give their home a fun and joyous vibe. Wallpapers are a great medium of artistic expression. Homeowners can show their witty or snarky side with some interesting customized wallpapers with an amusing quote. Or they can fill up a room with happy cheer using vintage floral wallpaper designs for walls.

Interior designers can infuse both wit and delight into a home with smart wallpaper choices. From floral and botanical to geometrics and damasks, Excel Wallpapers have a wide range of wallpaper collections for all kinds of home decor styles.






Delightful Wallpaper Ideas

Floral and botanical patterns are the most common wallpaper designs for walls used in most homes. They are simple and artistic, as well as colourful and effervescent. From pastel shades to dark intense hues, these wallpaper styles go well with all types of interiors. From living rooms to bedrooms, from kitchens to bathrooms, or just an accent wall in the entryway - floral and botanical patterns can effortlessly add joy and delight to a home’s interiors.





Floral wallpapers are timelessly versatile. From large-sized designs to dainty prints, they are perfect for making a plain room look lively and vibrant. With their decorative flower motifs, intricate petal detailing and bright colour palettes, floral wallpapers for walls give a cheerful look to a room without being too loud. They can bring in the spring vibe or create a moody tone, depending on what prints and colours are used. Floral wallpapers can be used to make a big statement; or they can just be a backdrop to the room. It is the designer’s wish on how to use them.





Botanical wallpaper designs bring in the nature inside one’s home. From green leafy designs to colourful birds sitting on a lone branch, botanical patterns are a great way to capture the delight one feels when spending time outdoors. And these wallpapers don’t always have to be green or leafy! One can choose a wallpaper mural that depicts a blooming flower garden. Or, go with a dark blue moody aesthetic with fern print. Botanical wallpapers can be fun and flirty, or they can be simple and elegant.





Witty Wallpaper Ideas

Nothing expresses wit better than cheeky captions. With Excel Wallpapers, homeowners can customize their wallpaper for walls with personalized quotes and captions. Revitalize the study room with a favourite book quote, or create an accent wall in the dining room with a food poster. From quirky monochrome designs to bold and vibrant murals, these wallpapers are perfect for adding a crazy twist to one’s interior space.





Geometric wallpapers are another great tactic to infuse wit and quirk into a room. Modern wallpaper designs for walls offer some great options when it comes to geometric shapes. They have evolved from being just circles and polygons to a kaleidoscope of colourful patterns. Soft pastel hues, bright candy colours, or even greyscales – geometric wallpaper designs are smart and sophisticated. Their unique visual aesthetic adds a positive spin to the interior of a room.

With Excel Wallpapers, homeowners can infuse their interior spaces with colourful personality and bold character. Our huge assortment of wallpaper collections allows designers to easily add in wit and delight to all home walls.