People often suffer from lack of ideas when it comes to designing their small rooms. Why will the size of your room decide your choice of designs! Small space can also bring big wonders if you choose the right décor and perfect wallpaper for the walls of your small room. The colour, the patterns, the designs, and the texture of the wallpaper matter when you are designing your small bedroom or your kid’s room. So, you need to be extra cautious and choosy when you are planning to design your small room with perfect wallpaper. Make an impression that the room is spacious with the excellent and overwhelming collection of Excel wall coverings. While you were scratching your head over how to buy wallpaper online, we have come up with this article. Check out the tips for making your small room look spacious & your life so much sorted!

Animal printed wallpapers: For those who want to create a mini zoo inside a small room, these types of wallpaper prints are perfect for them. Jokes apart, you can actually fulfil your love for wildlife, even if you have a small room. Zebra printed wallpaper for walls that are narrow will make it look stylish, bold, and broader as well. When you will buy wallpaper online, make sure you choose the printed ones from the collection of Excel. Do not go for the 3D wallpapers as they tend to make your walls look narrower and only suit broader walls. You can also choose the sober bird prints over your narrow walls and small rooms. This will look best on bathroom walls and give a feeling of extra space.

Abstract prints with bubblegum colours: Now this is something every modern house owner will go crazy over. The contemporary flats are mostly in a crunch of space and thus these wallpapers will be found in high demand when you will choose to buy wallpaper online. Go for the pretty colours, especially the light ones with vertical stripes or abstract prints. These wallpapers will surely make you feel more spacious than before.

Big floral on one side – A secret to smart designing is that you need not put wallpapers on both the sides of your walls. Use big floral printed wallpaper for walls on the narrow sides. You must be wondering what about the broader sides of the walls! Keep it simple with monochrome wall coverings and use lighter colours. This stylisation needs expert advice or just the right wallpapers from the house Excel wall coverings.

Make wallpaper your focal point: This is very obvious that a small room will not be cluttered with much furniture. So, keep the approach minimalistic with less usage of furniture and furnishings. Make the wallpaper your focal point. Where the statement furniture is kept, make the focal wallpaper compliment it. Put gorgeous wallpaper just behind your statement bed or lampshade or maybe a showpiece, that choice is yours. The wallpaper for walls like this has to be vibrant and bold enough to draw everyone’s attention. Like, the jungle-themed wallpapers or the embellished bright wallpapers by Excel can do wonders to your small room. Keep these points noted when you are looking out for designing or re-designing your small room for a big makeover. When you will buy wallpaper online, remember to implement the ideas and you can always thank us later.