“This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.” Oscar Wilde said just a few weeks before he passed away in his cheap hotel room in Paris. Such intense passion can be inspired in a dying man by something as innocuous as wallpaper for walls.

Wallpaper for home wall can truly make a room timelessly chic. They enhance thoughtful spaces, catch the eye, set the stage and steal the scene, adding dimension while allowing everyday life to unfold against a dramatic backdrop.

From decadent living rooms, to unexpected stairways, to master suites, to powder rooms – each décor style exudes a different vibe, urban glamour, unbridled energy and passionate romance – whichever wallpaper for walls describes you best.

The latest wallpaper trends are no longer confined to just four matching walls and dreary prints. Wallpaper for home wall is the winning ingredient behind every striking bedroom décor.

You can create striking feature walls in your room with coloured stripes, big prints or flocked patterns. Wallpaper for walls are also available for your furniture and ceiling. Think outside the box and have fun.

Go wild with bold wallcovering patterns in a small room. Carefully selected Wallpaper for home wall can enhance a confined space. Striped patterns create the illusion of extra height or width and will make a small bedroom appear spacious. Hang striped patterns in different directions to create a unique talking point.

Ideally there should be just a single accent wall in your room; otherwise the whole effect looks too busy. Feel free to experiment with different patterns of wallpaper for walls and go for something truly extravagant, pocket permitting. You can decorate the wall behind your bed for a chic hotel look. You can frame the bed with wallpaper strips to give a modern twist to a traditional headboard. In fact, you can also try out a retro wallpaper in a bright and large-scale print.

Papered furniture and papered ceilings are all the rage these days. With brightly coloured wallpaper for home wall you can even transform tables, shelves and chairs into striking focal points.

Modern country look is back in style and you should make the most of it. Try out a vibrant scheme contrasted with muted colours, e.g. pair mustard yellow wallpaper for walls with neutral botanical, with putty greens for freshness.

Gentle, feminine, candy pastel shades are great for soft and soothing interiors. This goes best with an Ombré-effect shading pattern.

Modern Damask wallpaper for home wall is ornately patterned and works best when you layer pattern on pattern with a strong colour palette, reminiscent of upscale American East Coast décor.

When unsure about your exact preferences, remember you can never go wrong with wall murals. Hang a retro-print wallpaper for walls for an eye-grabbing contemporary bedroom.