A wallpaper can transform the entire look and feel of your room. Using the correct textured wallpaper and highlighting your room with complimentary upholstery, furniture, and other elements can help you add depth, warmth, and a feeling of welcomeness to your rooms. We at Excel Wallpapers offer a wide of textured wallpapers in every colour and shade imaginable.


We have listed down some of our most prized textured wallpapers along with colour complementing ideas that would help and accentuate your overall room aesthetics.


Let the room speak for itself.


While designing our interiors, we often tend to overdo things and end up regretting the extra clutter. With this calm textured wallpaper, all you need to do is, let the room speak for itself. Using this ocean-themed wallpaper as a feature wall and accentuating your room with hues of green and pink can help you achieve a splendid muted look. You can also experiment with the wallpaper by applying it on the ceiling or behind your bookshelf or your television set to further accentuate those elements


Adddrama to your walls


Textured wallpapers add an essence of three-dimensional depth and warmth to the room. The finish of a textured wall, as opposed to a flat painted wall, makes it look more dynamic. This black and white spiral textured wallpaper in the picture is designed for the lovers of minimal and abstract patterns. Compliment this wall-covering with grey-toned upholstery or maintain the monochromatic theme and opt for black and white elements to take your room to the next level.


Embrace minimalism to make a unique statement


This brilliant pastel blue shade is mute yet minimal at the same time. You can choose a wall in your bedroom and design the room with dark brown polished or white wooden furniture and similar shaded heavy upholstery to complement this wallpaper perfectly.


These are just some of the many ways you can design your rooms with textured wallpapers. A textured finish can make a world of difference for your walls.  They add story, depth, and interest to the room. If you want to give your walls a new look with textured wallpapers, browse through Excel’s Metropolitan and Avenue collection Visit the website, to choose your perfect wallpapers.