Home Decor Ideas with Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020

As the New Year comes knocking, it is that time of year again when trends change. Designers all over the world start thinking about new ideas, colours, and patterns. These changing trends give a fresh outlook to the entire design industry. For 2020, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue has been chosen as the ‘Colour of The Year’. Classic Blue is a timeless shade that resembles the colour of sky at the time of dusk. It is simple and elegant, yet dark and intense at the same time.

Classic Blue has long been pervasive favourite in home decor. The colour gives a stable foundation upon which beautiful interiors can be built. It allows for unique colour combinations and tonal statements, transforming a space quite easily. Classic Blue is a dependable blue that expresses tradition and elegance as well as unexpected boldness.

Excel Wallpapers has always prided itself on being in line with the current trends. Our wide range of collections offer wallpapers designs for walls in all shades of blue. From dark blue floral patterns in the living room to midnight blue mosaic-tiled design in the kitchen, our wallpaper collections are ready to embrace the Colour of the Year 2020.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: Metropolitan Stories
Pattern id: AS368985




Pattern id: AS366271

When Walls Bleed Blue

Blue is a winning colour for home decoration. Cover up the entire room in blue-shaded wallpaper for walls. Classic Blue is a trustworthy shade. It can be rich and royal, giving a dark and intense feel; and also cool and contemporary, with a soothing laidback vibe. Classic Blue gives interior designers complete freedom. Use it on all four walls of the living room or bedroom, and convert the space into a richly designed, warm and welcoming part of one’s home.




CorkCollection: Metropolitan Stories
Pattern id: AS369264

Amp up the Style with Accent Walls

Classic Blue resembles the midnight sky; the sight lures you in. This attractive quality makes this shade ideal for accent walls in a room. Be it an entrance hallway or a master bedroom, a shocking blue wall is a great trick to incorporate the Colour of the Year into one’s home. Geometric wallpaper designs for walls or chinoiserie patterns are a great choice for creating an accent wall design. The arresting colour creates an impact, while also not being too overbearing. It mingles well with other elements of the interiors.




CorkCollection:Silk Road
Pattern id: 31208

Spice Up the Kitchen

Classic Blue is a winning colour for beautiful kitchen interiors. Use it for cabinetry and in-built storage drawers or install washable wallpaper for walls as backsplash design. This particular shade of blue is rich and dark, making it ideal for kitchens where it won’t stain easily. With the trend of modular kitchens in most homes, designers can pick Classic Blue for all the storage units and pull-out drawers. Blue-themed wallpapers can also be used on the backsplash or behind the shelves.




CorkCollection: Silk Road
Pattern id: 31224

Try the Tile

Classic Blue can be integrated with wallpaper designs wonderfully in the form of tiled patterns. The wallpaper could resemble authentic wall tiles or feature a funky motif pattern in the dark blue shade. Designers can use such wallpaper for walls with tiled patterns to include Classic Blue in a bathroom or kitchen. The tiled effect makes a visual statement.

Excel Wallpapers offers an assorted choice of wallpaper designs, which can serve as a helpful guide in decorating one’s home with the Colour of the Year.

Choose Blue, Stay Classy!