Gift Heartbeats to your Walls – Bring Life with Wallpapers

We have all heard the famous line, “Har ghar kuch kehta hai”. What it essentially means is that homes too have feelings; the walls reflect our joys and sorrows. At Excel, we strongly believe that “Deewaron ke bhi dil hote hain”. And this is why our wallpapers are not mere sheets to cover up your walls. Our home wallpaper designs evoke an emotion in you.

Excel Wallpapers is a leading name in the wallpaper market in India. We are associated with the top designers from around the world and aim to bring in the latest and trendiest of global wall fashions to Indian households. We offer a varied range of wallpapers in different styles, patterns, and textures. For this festive period, we have launched three new collections: Colibri, Esprit 14, and Metal Touch.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: ESPRIT 14

Pattern code: 366753

We are just a few weeks away from the start of the festive season in India. This is that time when most of us are busy with cleaning up the nooks and crannies of our homes. Ever thought about dressing up your walls with Excel’s new wallpapers?




Pattern code: 365222

Espirit 14: When love knocks on your door...

When we fall in love for the first time, everything looks nice and shiny. We start viewing the world with rose-tinted glasses, making everything brighter and colourful. The Esprit 14 collection by Excel takes this same approach towards geometric wallpaper designs for walls. Circles and semi-circles, triangles and hexagons, vertical and horizontal stripes – all the geometric shapes are presented in bright-toned candy colours. The distinctive shapes and intense shades make Esprit 14 wallpapers ideal for the festive season.

The attractive candy colours bring in a joyful vibe to your home walls. And the clear lines and symmetry make any space look organized and clutter-free, giving the room a clean and sophisticated appearance. Geometric wallpapers have always been credited with bringing elegance to a room. The bright hues of Esprit 14 wallpapers make this collection stand out. They are well-suited for the entire home, be it a living room, dining space or bedroom. Does not matter which room they are used in, you will instantly fall in love with the space!




CorkPattern code: PUG402

Metal Touch: Where happiness reflects on the surface...

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands...”

When you are happy, it does not need any telling. Most of the times, our facial expressions will disclose our joyful mood. Give your home walls the same happiness with Excel’s Metal Touch collection. These wallpaper designs for walls are all about textured patterns and minimalism. The wallpapers sport neutral tones like white, grey, and beige. The earthy shades and self-patterned textures produce a laidback vibe, making the room an ideal hang-out space for happy souls.

Wallpapers from the Metal Touch collection are the perfect pick for a minimalist decor style. The beautiful textures add a certain character to the walls; a Zen personality who doesn’t need many words to express feelings. These wallpapers do the job of expressing the happiness that your home walls feel. The minimalist wallpaper designs form a harmonious background allowing the rest of furnishings in a room to stand out.




CorkPattern code: 366272

Colibri: Making you feel free...

“In nature, a child finds freedom, fantasy, and privacy: a place distant from the adult world, a separate peace.”

Excel’s Colibri collection brings nature into your personal space with home wallpaper that reminds you of a cosy home garden.From floral patterns and leafy prints to birds perched on tree branches, every aspect of nature is delicately showcased in this collection. Colibri wallpapers will take you back to your childhood days when summer vacations were spent running around in your grandmother’s garden.

Bedrooms, living room, kitchen or even the bathroom, tropical leafy prints look good in every space. When it comes to decorating, botanical-themed wallpapers give you a lot of freedom to play around. Leafy prints give depth to the walls, while soft florals add grace and charm to a space. Colibri wallpaper designs for walls are as well-matched in the bedroom as in the living room. Let the openness of nature seep into your home walls!

This festive season, make Excel Wallpapers your home decor partner! Our vast range of wallpaper designs will make your walls come alive.