Get Blinded In Love

Window decorations can be the heart and soul of a room. We always pay so much attention to the wall décor, furniture and lighting of a space, but we don’t bother doing anything special for the windows in our home. In terms of interior designing, this can be a grave mistake. Windows allow natural light to come inside, and the right kind of window decoration can light up the entire room with delight.

Customised window blinds arethe latest trend in home décor. Digitally printed blinds can be both functional as well as decorative. While blinds are primarily used for blocking the sunlight and to get some privacy, digitally printed blinds can be used as a decorative element to add colour in a drab space. The latest offering from Excel Wallpapers is a brand-new range of digitally printed customised window blinds.

When we are talking about an interiors makeover, a digitally printed window blind can do magic for the look of a room. In most rooms, windows are strategically placed as a focal point in the wall. By using customised window blinds, you can decorate this space however you want. From bright pink flowers to a rain-soaked cityscape, your chosenblinds can display any imagery.


Let’s find out the top benefits of using customised blinds.





Personalised Style

Decorating a home is a very personal job. Irrespective of whether you do it yourself or you hire a professional, ultimately the interiors of your home is an expression of your personality. When you use customised blinds, you can put in a little bit of yourself into the window blinds. By customizing the design, you can pair up the blinds to complement the rest of your room. Without changing much, they can be customised to go with the existing colour scheme. Customised blinds do not disturb your existing interior style.





Endless Colour and Design Choices

When you go for digitally printed window blinds in your home, you can choose from a wide spectrum of designs. There are colours and patterns you can select according to your personal taste. From bold shades like red, yellow and navy blue to soft hues like beige, green and light pink, customised blinds come in plenty of colour options. Similarly, with patterns, you can go with floral, botanical, nature, geometric, and many more. No pattern is out of reach with digitally printed window blinds





Ideal Fit

Another beneath of customised blinds is that they are measured to custom fit your windows. This is a chance to ensure the blinds are of the perfect size – neither too small and neither too big. It is a way of assuring your interiors are not disturbed by the installation of window blinds.

With Excel’s new offering of digitally printed window blinds, renovating your home is now an easy task. Just let the customised blinds do their magic, and your windows will sparkle.