We have all heard the popular saying, ‘Deewaronkebhikaanhotehai’. But we at Excel believe that ‘Deewaronkedilbhihotehai’. This is why our wallpaper designs for walls are all about capturing the heart of the homeowner. While it is important to keep up with the latest interior trends, at the end of the day, wallpapers should tell the story of our heart.

An ideal home is that which reflects the personality of the owner. This is why interior designers have such an important job. They are the ones who need to make sure that the room’s aesthetic matches the owner’s style. Wallpapers are one of the best ways to infuse personality and character into a room. They can be bold, playful, or dreamy. Excel has a huge collection of wallpaper designs and patterns, suitable for every mood.

Be it a living room for the party-hard persona or a cosy bedroom for the quiet introvert, wallpaper designs for walls have all the solutions.


Here are some wallpaper ideas for different personality types.

For the introverted

For those who like the calm and quiet, choose wallpaper patterns that are meditative and inviting. These people often like to spend time alone. Pick a light and fresh colour palette to make your solitude even more relaxing. Light greens, pinks, blues, and creams are ideal shades for them. Fill up your home with unique home accessories to create some character in the room. Go with an interior scheme that tells a fascinating tale of solitude and peace.


For thecrazy soul

For the homeowners who like to throw warm house parties and are always entertaining guests,the interior design should be chic and modern with a touch of boldness. Pick a wallpaper design that’s bright and large-printed in loud colours and funky patterns. It should grab your attention at first sight, but at the same time, it should not be too intimidating. Such personalities are guided by their heart and the interior design should reflect that exuberance.


For theartist

These are old souls. They like warm tones and earthy colours. An intricate damask pattern will be more suitable for their space than boring stripes. Create a finely balanced aesthetic with textured walls and modern décor accessories. Complete the artsy look with a striking lampshade or wall art.


For theminimalist

The secret of minimalist-style interior design lies in picking out neutral tones. When selecting wallpaper design for walls, choose a simple yet charming design. Bright colours and busy patterns have no place in a minimalist house. To complete the look, pair of your walls with wooden furniture.


For the outdoorsy

For those who prefer the mountains and the seas than the comfort of their bed, choose wallpaper designs which bring in the vibe of nature within the home walls. Botanical patterns, natural sceneries, or green foliage are some great ideas that go well with this wanderlust state of mind. Wooden furniture, large windows, and lighter-shade curtains will give a warm, cosy touch to this kind of interior design.



Renovating interiors to suit the personal style of a homeowner is a challenge for any designer. But with Excel Wallpapers, the task becomes much easier thanks to their impressive collections of stunning wallpaper designs.