With Excel as a partner, interior designing becomes a quick and easy endeavour. Now, no more need to consult different vendors for each specific requirement. At Excel, get comprehensive design solutions for wallpapers, window blinds, and premium flooring.

Interior designers have the difficult task to make a house into a home. Using their sharp design sense and following the latest trends, a designer changes the look and style of a home. And while furniture and furnishings play an important role, the main essence of interiors comes from WWF – walls, windows and flooring. These are intrinsic parts of a home and thus, help in creating the vibe of aspace. Excel is a perfect partner for any design project, offering premium collections for wallpapers, customized window blinds, and flooring solutions.


When it comes to creating smart and distinctive interior solutions for a client, Excel is the first name that comes to mind. In this blog, let us look in detail how Excel can help in a designing a home.

Wondrous Walls

Glamorous, chic andstylish – wallpaper designs for the walls make a home look instantly attractive. Excel is one of the top wallpaper companies in India, partnering with renowned international brands. From floral to botanicals, from damasks to stripes, we bring numerous wallpaper collections to choose from.



Wallpapersfor walls are the easiest solution for renovating an interior space. They are easy to install, highly durable, and available in a myriad of beautiful prints. Wallpapers bring with them endless possibilities for design. Homeowners can choose to put up wallpaper on all four walls, or they can create an accent wall to highlight one side of the room. Wallpapers are available in loud colours with busy prints, or they come in pastel shades with a modest print. The huge variety of wallpaper designs and patterns is why they are the number one choice of most interior designers. It gives them a chance to really bring out their creative side.

Whimsical Windows

Windows are the light source of any room. This is why they always capture the attention in an interior space. Window blinds are a functional need; they serve the dual purpose of controlling the amount of light that enters and also provides privacy to the occupants. Digitally printed customized window blinds are functional as well as decorative.

Excel provides customized window blind solutions to enhance the interiors of a room. Make a unique style statement with digitally printed window blinds. Floral prints or a silhouette cityscape, draw attention to your window space with these minimalistic stylish window blinds.


For homeowners who do not want to install wallpapers, window blinds are a great alternative to bring in chic elegance to a room. They can also be paired with wallpaper for walls using careful design selection. Excel offers an impressive range of digitally printed customized window blinds.

Fabulous Flooring

Always put your best foot forward – Excel’s premium flooring solutions make this statement come true in every home. Presenting an engineered mix of stone and polymer and a unique locking technology, Excel’slatest addition is the ‘SPC Floor Plank’ which is an extremely durable and completely waterproof flooring option. SPC Floor stands for ‘Stone Plastic Composite’ or ‘Stone Polymer Composite’, a limestone core combined with PVC dust and a stabilizer. It is moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, eco-friendly and fire-retardant.

Made of quality materials like Swedish Oak, Belgian Oak, Austria Oak, Serbia Oak, Sri Lankan Oak, Macedonian Oak, and more, these floors come with a premium finish. This flooring solution by Excelcreates a sophisticated look for an interior space.

From wallpapers to floorings, Excel caters to every design need in a home. We provide the best solutions for an all-round comprehensive décor renovation. Interior designers who partner with Excel can be rest assured of finding the answers to all their design problems.