Once it was the road least taken but now wallpapers have become an essential home styling element in most of the modern households. If you are new to the world of wallpapers, it is obvious that you are going to be puzzled over the myriad range of these wonderful creations for your walls. The leading wallpapers companies in India like Excel come up with alluring designs and trendy wall coverings for a perfect stylization of your home. Floral or Abstract or may be just a monochrome, you must be going crazy over the selection of wallpapers that will be appropriate for your room and style. Not to worry, we have brought to you few tips that might rescue you from the dilemma. Consider these factors before you jump into a decision –

Style of the room you are decorating

It is not as simple as you think, when you are considering wallpaper for your beautiful home. First take into consideration which room you want to decorate with a gorgeous wall covering. To be honest, it is important to understand that a living room will have a different kind of wallpaper compared to the bedroom. Whichever of the wallpaper distributors in India you choose just note the style of your room you are about to decorate. Keep the romantic wallpapers for the bedroom, whereas, use the quoted ones for your living room. Use the romantic ones for a young couple’s bedroom. Choose the damasks and floral designs with fine lines and pastel colours from the collection of the top wallpapers companies in India like Excel. If you are considering the trendy ones for your living room try out the geometric patterns or the abstract ones with high gloss or metallic accents.

How you plan to use it – All styles don’t work the same way. You can’t make everything fit everywhere. There are a few options for styling that you can use while covering your walls. Cover all the four walls or you might choose a single wall to stand out as a statement or you might just like to draw attention towards your ceiling. The top wallpaper distributors in India always come up with a proper suggestion as per your taste and room type. In case you want some expert advice, always go for classic, simple, and horizontally stripped designs from Excel wall coverings’ amazing collection for styling all the walls of the room. On the other hand, if you want to highlight a single wall or your ceiling, always go for glossy, metallic, and mica with a dash of glamour. In case of ceilings, you can try the Victorian art styled wallpapers from the top most wallpaper companies in India.

What to avoid – The foremost thing to avoid if you are a first time buyer, is that of small patterns or minutely detailed wallpapers. It gets tough to match such patters with most of the Indian household walls. Another most vital aspect is that never buy from an unreliable source as they tend to provide low quality products. It is always suggested to pay some extra and give your room the desired makeover with the leading wallpaper distributors in India, like Excel Wall coverings.

Keep these few tips in your mind and make wallpaper buying smart and easy. Just keep these noted and you can always thank us later.