Expand your Horizon - When your walls get digital

Digital wallpapers have been ruling the interior design scene for quite some time now. With a richness of colours and the wide variety of patterns, wallpaper designs for walls have won the hearts of many. With the magic of digital wallpaper printing, homeowners can now customise wallpapers to any design of their choice. From bold floral prints to muted graphic patterns, digital wallpapers suit all corners of the home.

The latest collection launched by Excel Wallpapers named ‘Avalon’ is a range of strikingly beautiful digital wallpapers designs. Excel has always believed in offering customers exactly what they want. And the Avalon collection will surely meet the expectations of everyone. From bright shades to pastel colours, from floral designs to graphic murals, it has a little something for all.

The beauty of digitally printed wallpapers lies in its unique designs. The rich colour and unusual patterns make your walls come to life. Be it residential spaces or commercial properties, digital wallpaper designs for walls always capture the attention.






The Classic Beauty

There is a reason why floral wallpapers are so hugely popular. It’s because sometimes nothing can beat the classics! Convert your living room into a bright happy space by choosing this sunshine yellow floral design for your walls. The colour oozes charm and the floral patterns bring in comfort that only comes from familiarity. This beauty from Avalon collection would also be a great choice for an accent wall.





Born to Dazzle

Digital wallpapers are best used when making a visual statement. If your intention is to make people stop and stare, the bright colours and eccentric patterns that digital printed wallpapers offer are the best. The lone standing peacock shown in this design has been created with the sole purpose to dazzle. It is best suited for an entrance hallway or a statement wall.





The Calmness Within

While digital wallpapers are known or their vibrancy of designs, they can also be soft and subdued. It is all about maintaining the balance. This wallpaper by Avalon offers an out-of-the-box design, but the colour and light ombre effect creates a soothing vibe. It would be ideal for the living room, study or even the bedroom. With smart customisation ideas, digital wallpapers can also have a relaxing feel.





Step into a Beautiful Fantasy

Digital wallpaper designs for walls can be customised. From a lush forest to a sun-kissed beach, your walls can reflect any scenery you want. Utilize this to your advantage and design your home interiors to look like however you want. With this wallpaper design from Avalon, you can enjoy all your meals overlooking the serene outdoors. Thanks to the effect of digital printing, the wallpaper feels almost life-like.





Neutrals with a Twist

Not all digital wallpapers have to be loud and ostentatious. If you want something minimalist, the Avalon collection also offers some simple and modest designs. From monochromes to neutrals, there are many options. You can customise digital prints to stand out in a clutter without being too hard on the eyes. The simplicity of the design is what makes it stand out from the rest.

When it comes to updating the interior scheme of your home, nothing is better than digital wallpapers. And if we are talking about digital wallpapers, the Avalon collection by Excel is an excellent choice. With Excel Wallpapers, home decoration is always fun.