It has always been customary for people to start new ventures on auspicious days. This is not just about big purchases – it’s also about transforming your home to get ready for those exciting festive occasions. Get-togethers and celebrations are bound to take place here and your home is the venue where priceless moments unfold. And when it comes to your interiors, choosing designer wallpaper for walls is the best place to start. 

Without a doubt, adding a few accessories and thorough cleaning is a huge part of your process. But your interiors should spark elegance, feel welcoming and essentially complement your aesthetics and personal preferences. This is where we see the need for affordable wallcovering which has zero compromises in quality as well as aesthetic appeal. 

So if you need a revamp, Excel is here to help!

Here are 4 superb wallpaper options you ought to try before the celebrations kick in!

Nature theme wallpaper


A paradise of petals can create a gorgeous setting – perfect for the revamp before the festive season comes along. This designer wallpaper for walls neatly demonstrates how natural harmony gives rise to the most tranquil of spaces. Infused with a vibrant yet soothing aesthetic, this fine balance sets a calm mood that perfectly matches the onset of the festivities. All this, without going overboard.


Add some natural flair to your spaces with a tranquil yet tropical vibe within your comfort zone. It’s almost like poetry in motion, isn’t it? The simple design makes the beauty of this wallpaper speak for itself. This wallpaper design in India works well for both living roomsand bedrooms. In the process, it puts forward endless design possibilities and gives your home the everlasting touch of elegance it requires.

 Abstract Geometry Blooming

Looking for a balance between richness and simplicity? Yours now with geometric prowess from the Blooming Collection by Excel Wallpaper. Putting forward a modern, tasteful backdrop to host your gatherings, this contemporary designer wallpaper for walls can add that distinct charm you’ve wanted all along. Soft colour, subtle patterns and a background that is bound to make people stop and stare – this wallcovering will surely give your home the festive makeover it deserves.

Abstract Geometry Blooming 

A simplistic yet muted approach is another way to welcome the festive season home. The touch of geometry complemented by an earthy, artistic feel can prove to work wonders inside. This affordable wallcovering is intricately woven - you will notice how the lines set a sophisticated aura that can evoke serenity in every corner of your interiors. Since it’s about celebrations and family time, let your walls help you frame those shades of happiness and make your guests feel right at home.

Celebrations are always cherished moments spent in the company of near and dear ones. It’s only natural that your interiors should reflect the same energy and warmth. Now create an ideal setting and bedazzle your guests with these 4 splendid designer wallpaper options for your walls. Handpicked for your transformation before the festivities set in, the outcome will be nothing short of mesmerizing.

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