EXCELlent Milestones Paved

Excel Wallpapers is among the leading wallpaper companies in India. The brand has carved a special niche for itself in the home décor segment with many successes over the years. The wallpaper sector in India has been seeing a steady rise over the years. Wallpaper designs for walls are now being used in both residential as well as commercial spaces. Interior designers and homeowners alike have adapted to the trend of using wallpapers in all sorts of interior spaces.

Excel Wallpapers offers more than 5000 unique designs through their various collections. From collaborations with leading global names to designing customised solutions for clients, Excel has been at the top of the game in the wallpaper segment in India.

Here is what makes Excel the first choice for so many interior designers.

• More than 5000+ designs in ready stock round the year

• Warehousing facility of more than 5000 square meters in Kolkata and Delhi

• Team of in-house designers with industry expertise • Calibre to deliver customised wallpapers in 48 hours





Customisability is a core strength of Excel Wallpapers. With in-house access to innovative wallpaper digital printers, we create transforming design ideas for each client. For our client CULT Gym, one of the leading fitness brands with multiple branches all over India, we designed wallpapers customised to go with the theme of body-building and physical fitness.





Similarly for the Razor Pay office in Bangalore, we customised the wallpaper designs for walls to display quirky motivational quotes. These wallpaper are minimalist to suit a working environment, but the cheekiness of the quotes make them interesting enough to add up a zing in the space. At Excel, we understand the need for each client and come up with a customised design accordingly.





In Gopalan Cinemas, Bangalore, the wallpapers are customised to suit a space of arts and culture. In India, movies are the biggest influence on pop culture. We have installed tasteful wallpaper accents on the theatre premises to give the space a modern and refined look.





In Navi Mumbai, Excel’s wallpaper designs adorn the walls of the Nextree Co-Working Space. Featuring a primary colour scheme of red, green and orange, our customised designs give the space a welcoming feel. The interiors have an upbeat charming vibe.





Excel has successfully completed many commercial projects for big-name corporate houses including Wipro Kolkata, LKQ Automobiles Bangalore, and the AUDI showroom in Indore. The Amazon India office in Bangalore is also installed with our customised wallpaper designs on the wall. For each company, we have designed the wallpapers keeping in mind their particular corporate identity.





One of our biggest achievements in Excel has been providing wallpaper designs for Antilia, Mukesh Ambani's sprawling Mumbai home.

When it comes to setting standards in the Indian wallpaper segment, Excel is a pioneer in the field. We are trendsetters in this industry. Every collection of ours is designed to inspire and impress every interior design enthusiast.

Excel has a vision to bring global wall fashion in to maximum number of Indian homes. And with every new milestone achieved, we take a step further in people’s hearts.