Excel brings monsoon mists right inside your room

“Let the rain kiss you, Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby” – Langston Hughes

Like those window panes by the side of your couch, your senses deserve to be drenched too. Have you ever thought of bringing those smell, touch, and sounds inside your room too?

A splash full of memories and a puddle full of fun, monsoon stands for all that is green, fresh, and intrigue our senses. Our five senses are mesmerized by the monsoon in various ways. Complimenting all these senses, Excel Wallpapers are beautifully designed to make you fall in love with monsoon and your interiors, all over again.


Earthy smell that evokes while the raindrops hit the scorching ground makes monsoon ethereal. The sparkling rays of the sun falling on the dew drops on the freshly washed tree tops – Ah! What a pleasurable view it gives to your sight. With some cosy hues and natural tones, monsoon is the time to dress your walls and bring these ecstatic vibes indoor. Excel Wallpapers bring these amazing treat to your senses with its monsoon mania collection. Let’s set the mood and look deeper into the aspects of nature through these amazing wall decor ideas by Excel.



A touch that heals

“Do you remember the childhood days when we used to put our hands out of the window and try to catch the raindrops? Excel’s non-woven wallpapers can give you such a beautiful sensation on this monsoon. The washable polished texture of the wallpapers adds to the smoothness & at the same time, they are easy to maintain.





A mood lifter

We all are aware of the purity of the raindrops, aren’t we? Not just naturally distilled water, but raindrops wash away a lot of bad mood and sorrow. The amazing feel of monsoon gives one a feeling of relaxation, lifting up the mood. If we relate the colours with the mood, we can see how much our senses are vulnerable to the ambience around us. Blue and fresh green around can make us one with nature. The nature inspired blue and green wallpapers by Excel can make you feel monsoon kissing your interiors.




An arousing smell

The smell of the wet earth after a splash can instantly bring back our fond memories of Childhood and dear ones. Excel’s cartoon prints and use of Moody shades can easily make one feel revived and bring the mist indoors. What can be a better perfume than these monsoon essences!











A splash of infinite happiness

Monsoon plays an important role in creating a vintage, old school vibe. The combination of different tranquil shades and the worn-out texture brings a feeling of ‘Home’ and ‘Dash of memories’ to take one. Leaving behind the impact of water droplets, running down the window pane, this wallpaper can make you







This monsoon, make the best out of your rainy days with Excel’s Monsoon Mania! We are showering amazing discounts on these mesmerising collections. Let every monsoon drizzle drench your senses and soul with happiness. Bring the monsoon vibes in your interiors with these raining offers in your kitty.

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