Excel brings home New York fashion

                          “Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s New York.” New York:

The City of Dreams. Many leading designers have attempted to capture the bustling vibe of this enrapturing city in their creations. From wallpaper designs for walls to fashion apparels, New York based designers are making waves in the design industry.


Excel Wallpapers, the finest wallpaper company in India, have a diverse collection of wallcoverings for home walls and office spaces. Our wallpaper designs are inspired by the best of American designers, bringing in a whiff of New York air to one’s personal space.






Cheeky, Crazy & Colourful

The perfect words to summarize a stereotypical New Yorker personality! Abnormals Anonymous, a Boutique Wallpaper and Design Studio, describes their designs as curious, colourful, and humorous. Infused with coastal, floral and wildlife motifs, their wallpaper for walls have a stand-out aesthetic. Taking note of these unique design characteristics, Excel Wallpapers has come up with new collections that are ideal for creating personalized spaces.





Textural Patterns

Asterisk Designs produces beautifully graphic wallpapers inspired by Venetian Plaster walls. They incorporate a range of patterns, textures, organic shapes and muted colours to bring to life their wallpaper designs for walls. This kind of textural plays on the walls create a final effect that looks very much like embossed wallpaper in a varied play of patterns. Excel has several wallpaper choices that can create the same eclectic look of Asterisk Designs.




Global Textiles

Want to know about a person?

Look at his clothes. Want to know about a home?

Look at its walls. Leading interior designer Amber Lewis marries these two aspects with her wallpaper collection that aims to create supremely liveable spaces. Showcasing traditional textile motifs from around the world, her wallpaper for walls produce a warm and comfy vibe. Excel’s diverse range of collections offers plenty of traditional motif designs. These elegant patterns bring in a touch of colour to one’s home interiors.





Wonders of Nature

A wallpaper company where every design is hand-painted and traditionally printed, Lake August is a celebration of the beautiful outdoors. Botanical prints, scenes from nature, and soft florals are a mainstay in their wallpaper designs for walls. From flocks of birds to jumping rabbits to leafy designs, these botanical wallpapers will remind one of a pleasant spring day spent at the Central Park in New York. Excel Wallpapers have a wide variety of botanical prints and nature-based wallpaper designs. Sustainable wallpaper options are also available. Wallpapers made of eco-friendly materials such as cork or linen and printed using water-based inks; Excel has a varied choice of ‘green’ wallpapers.





Marrying Traditions with Modernity

Rich colours, minimalist patterns and designs that reflect the nature around us, wallpapers from Clay McLaurin Studio are a perfect balance between refined taste and relaxed familiarity. Most of the designs are inspired by vintage fabrics collected through travels around the world. The textures are a reference to the natural elements like leaves or ocean. To bring in a similar kind of earthy vibe to one’s home, Excel offers a range of wallpaper designs in subtle colour palettes. These warm and neutral tomes bring in an unassuming sense of style to the interiors.

With Excel Wallpapers, interior decoration is no bother. So, why wait? Start browsing through the best of global wall fashion now!