European Elegance Right Inside The Home

Wallpapers bring in class and sophistication to one’s home interiors with little effort. The varying textures, patterns and luxurious look make wallpaper the ideal choice for home decoration. They can be bright and colourful, and also soft and minimalist at the same time. Wallpapers have the power to completely change the look of any space.

Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading names in India’s home decor market. Their latest wallpaper collection, Evolve, brings in the best of European style to Indian homes. These wallpaper designs for walls primarily focus on minimalist textured patterns in muted colours. Evolve wallpaper collection features more of weaved textures, zig-zag geometrics, and stripes; most of them in neutral shades like white, beige, brown and grey.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: Evolve
Pattern id: EV01130

The European interior design style likes to highlight the simplicity of space by using a minimalist approach. It disagrees with the heavy use of fashionable accessories in a single room. Excel’s Evolve collection offers home wallpaper that exudes the old-world charm of European decor. These wallpapers are made of natural products like paper weaves, while some designs feature small beads on top of the paper.




CorkCollection: Evolve
Pattern id: EV01100

Focus on the Details

The traditional style of European home decor is heavily influenced by the Greeks and Romans. Think of a living room with a large fireplace or a statement wall art that serves as the focal point for the entire room. Usually, the room’s decor shall be organized around this centre point. To complete the look, use wallpaper designs for walls with a faux natural texture. Evolve’s hand-made weave pattern is perfect for a room that wants to shift the attention to the furnishing details of the room.




CorkCollection: Evolve
Pattern id: EV01113

A little piece of Italy

Italian decorating trends set the bar high. This home decor style is defined by natural muted colours, minimal furnishings and ample of lighting – both natural and artificial. The minimalist furniture usually boasts of sleek lines and defined curves. Modern and luxurious, Italian interior style never fails to impress. Wallpaper designs for walls for such interior spaces must be in neutral colours, keeping in line with the rest of the furnishings in the room.




CorkCollection: Evolve
Pattern id: EV01121

French Country Style

This home decor style aims to capture the warm and cosy vibe of a farmhouse set in rural France. The vibe is a mix of rustic elements with modern simplicity. Traditional furniture is typically used in French decor themes, sometimes combined with statement artwork hanging on the wall. Fresh flowers also add a nice touch to the overall look of the room. Evolve’s geometric wallpaper designs are the perfect fit for a French interior style, little small beads creating attractive gold lines on the naturally-weaved paper.

The Evolve wallpaper collection by Excel delivers on all the facets of European design elements. For those who want to renovate their interiors as per European sensibilities, our wallpapers offer the best choice to consumers. Excel Wallpapers have a diverse range of wallpaper collections for all needs and preferences!