Isn’t it a blessing, that human imagination is not a finite commodity? Thanks to the unlimited imagination of manufacturers and interior designers, modern wallpaper for home wall can completely reshape and revitalize your room with a nigh endless combination of palettes, textures and materials.

Although wallcoverings can last up to 3 times as long as traditional wall paints, wall fashion enthusiasts are always watching the horizon for the cutting edge interior décor products to keep ahead of the curve. Here are a few emerging trends in wallpaper designs for Indian bedroom:

The Roaring Thirties’ Hollywood Chic

Softly muted gold shades that instantly transport you to the Golden Age of Hollywood when the starlets were ultra-glam (with finger-wave hairstyle) and the leading men were dapper (with bouffant hairstyle). Let gold be the metallic accent of your choice when you select wallpaper designs for Indian bedroom. Not brassy bold, but oft brushed gold, reminiscent of art deco New York buildings and 1930s Hollywood replete with duchesse satin, pearls, mirrors and glamour queens perusing them on screen. This type of wallpaper for home wall looks ultra gorgeous

Futuristic interactive wallcoverings

If retro nostalgia is too passive for your millennial aesthetics, lean the other way towards ‘Living Wall’ décor, loaded with touch-sensitive thingamajigs! Interactive wallpaper for home wall is going mainstream in a big way and they are here to stay. What exactly is a ‘Living Wall’? Simply put, it is a print or pattern that encourages people to get hands on. These can be simplistic colouring-in patterns for kids, reactive materials that can change shades at your whim, or wall covers stuffed with electronics for lighting and sound effects. A ‘Living Wall’ is not just for decoration, but can serve as health and safety watchdogs when they are equipped with sensors for monitoring ambient noise, gaseous contaminants, toxic fumes, traffic volumes etc.

Tactile textured wallpapers

Tactile means inviting touch. Textured wallpaper designs for Indian bedroom are more popular than ever. They provide excellent contrasts between shiny and matte areas, adding depth to your interior décor. Although textured wallpapers are not interactive like ‘Living Walls’, it is so much fun to touch them. Textured wallpaper for home wall comes in a huge variety of patterns from sleek metallic to coarser designs. Faux leather textures (such as crocodile), stone and bark are popular among the top echelons of the global design community.

Wallcoverings in Subdued Soft Shades

Subtle shades can be matched with a textured surface for the final wallcovering finish. The shades most in demand among wallpaper designs for Indian bedroom are Sage greens, Oyster creams, Smoky blues & greys, and the Softest pinks. Subdued shades result in relaxing, unobtrusive and inviting interior spaces. Although these muted colours are versatile and can be used in any room, they are particularly well suited for recreation zones where you go to unwind after a hard day’s work.