Interior design is personal. Yes, we often hire professionals for their help and guidance, but the décor style we choose for our homes is inherently our personality displayed on the walls for everyone to see. This is the reason why so many design enthusiasts like to take up DIY projects. The joy of creating something for your home with your own hands is incomparable. As wallpaper designs for walls continue to gain more popularity, DIY hacks with wallpaper have also become popular.

Who doesn’t love a dramatic living room wall with chintzy floral prints? Wallpapers are a designer’s best friend. They instantly bring in glamour and style to any space. When it comes to renovating homes, wallpapers provide limitless possibilities for an interiors makeover. The trick – you have to think out of the box!

Shakespeare had said, “What’s in a name?” Just because it is called wallpaper does not mean it can only be applied on the walls. Treat wallpapers as any other design accessory and you can come up with quite a few interesting DIY projects for your home.


Here let’s take a look at the possibilities of DIY design hacks with wallpaper designs for walls.

Dramatic doorways

Change the entire look of your room without any change to your walls. Install bright colourful wallpaper on your door panel. A geometric damask or a busy botanical print, wallpaper designs on your doorway look elegant and eye-catching. They instantly grab attention and have the added advantage of making on old weathered door look brand-new.

This spunky leafy print would make for a dashing design on your door.


Style up your staircase

Add wallpaper to the stair risers and give the staircase an unexpected twist. It instantly draws all attention and the evocative colours and pattern can compensate for simple-looking wall decor. Let your staircase be the style statement of this little corner.

This beautiful indigo-inspired design would be perfectly apt for your stair risers.


Stepping inside the closet

Paste a beautiful printed wallpaper to the back of your closet. This way every time you open up your closet, you will be rewarded with a pretty sight. Remember to pick a bright colour so that your closet space never feels too dark. Go for vertical designs so that your closet feels taller and the shelves in between do not break the design pattern.

This sunshiny yellow floral design is an apt choice for brightening up your closet space.


Create wall art

Buy an empty canvas and paste awallpaper sheet over it. Now you have a wallpaper art ready to be framed on your wall. This is one of the easiest DIY hacks. Just frame up wallpaper designs and put them on the wall. If you have too many leftover strips of wallpaper at home, create multiple wallpaper frames and voila, you have a wall dedicated to wallpaper art at your home!

This whimsicalfloral pattern would make a great display on your wall of fame.


Light up your style

Get a brand-new lampshade at home without actually buying one. Take up your old lampshade and cover it up with patterned wallpaper to upgrade it to a new look. This is so easy to do, and the final effect just wows your interior style.



DIY interior hacks are always a fun and interesting project to take over. With Excel Wallpapers, you will never feel short of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Our huge collection of designs always bring out the best in your interiors, be it on your walls or on other surfaces. With Excel, the possibilities of design never end.