Design with Excel, inspired by a Philadelphia Designer

The Philadelphia home of Nicole Cole is a warm and cosy space. This interior designer is known for creating spaces that are interesting, engaging, and encourages people to live well. She believes in creating homes that reflect their lives and personalities while honouring the buildings that contain them. It is no wonder then, that her residence is a work of art. Clear-cut lines, minimalist furnishings and three-toned colour scheme in most rooms – her home in Philadelphia is a haven of understated elegance.

One defining factor seen in Nicole’s home is the use of rich darker colours on the walls, put together with furnishings in soothing pastel shades. This is in line with the global colour trends being seen in 2019. Trend-spotter Vincent Grégoire predicted that home interiors will be going for the darker look influenced by the Victorian times, describing it as “classic with a twist”.



Excel Wallpapers recognizes this changing trend. In 2019, wallpaper designs for walls are leaning towards earthy and warm tones, moving away from bright shades. Excel’s new wallpaper collections are available in darker tones like muted grey, brown, midnight blue, forest green, and more.


One way to add some colour to monochrome walls is to use wallpaper on the bed’s headboard design. Large-printed florals or dual-toned stripes – as seen in ‘Metropolitan Stories’ and a few designs from ‘Materials’ collection – used as the headboard design on a master bed can completely change the interiors of a bedroom. The naturalistic look of ‘Wood n Stone’ or ‘Stone n Nature’ collections from Excel helps to lend a rustic vibe to the personal space.




The home office of Nicole Cole features a wallpaper mural to create an accent wall in the room. Home wallpaper murals are like art installations, telling a different story each time. The soft brushstrokes used for colouring make the walls look visually arresting to look at. Excel’s “Walls by Patel” collection presents many mural-like designs in varied fantasies, patterns, and sceneries.







In the bathroom space, geometric wallpaper has been used in combination with wall tiles. This is one of the smartest ways to incorporate wallpaper designs for walls inside the bathroom. Tiles are installed till a certain height on the walls where there is a risk of water splashes, and then wallpaper is used till the ceiling. This ensures that the wallpaper is safe from any kind of water damage. Nicole Cole uses geometric wallpaper in pastel shades with white tiles. Excel has a diverse collection of geometric designs for wallpaper





As one of the leading wallpaper companies in India, Excel Wallpapers has the answer to all decorating needs. Their wallpaper collections bring in the latest and trendiest of global wall fashion to Indian homes. From dark-shade monochromes to innovative murals to floral patterns to geometric designs, Excel’s wallpaper designs for walls can re-create the look of a famous Philadelphia-based designer’s home with ease.