Design with environmental themes: Bring nature inside

The world is changing fast. Cities continue to grow, and buildings continue being taller. Urban homes can either be a tiny apartment or a large penthouse, but the outer space for a lawn is missing in both. Home owners have a distinct lack of greenery in their lives. Excel Wallpapers has launched the new Colibri collection to fill up this void of nature seen in most homes.

Think about a lazy summer evening spent in a backyard garden – where the birds are chirping sweetly and the tree leaves blow a soft wind. Excel’s latest collection, Colibri, aims to capture this great wonderful feeling of the outdoors. Colibri is majorly comprised of leafy tropical prints and botanical patterns. These wallpaper designs for walls bring in a calm and soothing ambience to any space. They create a very relaxed and laidback vibe.

blog-n-1.jpgPattern code: 366272

Botanical home wallpaper has long been a successful interior trend. From forest ferns to tropical palms, these exuberant designs are really easy to incorporate in any home decor. Mostly based around flora and fauna, these wallpaper designs are detailed and graceful. They can be paired up with both traditional and contemporary furniture, along with crisp cotton and relaxed linens for a fresh and breezy look.

Here is an easy wallpapering guide on how to incorporate leafy, floral, and insect prints into one’s home decor.




CorkPattern code: 366302

Brighten up the Space with Nature

Heavily patterned botanical wallpaper designs for walls are a great choice for living rooms. This pattern in Excel’s Colibri collection shows multi-hued leafy prints done up in a stencil style. The burst of colours against a dark background makes this wallpaper more appealing. Home owners may decorate the wall with a wooden shelf to give the space a bespoke look.




CorkPattern code: 366242

Fun with Ferns

Ferns are an old staple in the botanical decor theme. Team up lush patterned wallpapers with white modern furniture to create a standout look. The unique fern print adds depth and texture to the walls, making the room look more spacious. Tropical prints are a perfect fit for living rooms and dining spaces; both spaces where guests are entertained. These wallpaper designs give the room a warm and friendly vibe, making guests feel at home.




CorkPattern code: AS362092

Combine Botanicals with Geometrics

At Excel, we understand that nature has many forms. And wallpapers inspired by nature shall also have different styles. Try out this geometric patterned wallpaper from our Colibri collection. At first glance, this home wallpaper features a lot many hexagons in various shapes. But on closer inspection, these oddly shaped hexagons are drawn in the pattern of a leaf. Go with a minimalist look and use wooden furniture for a Scandinavian decor style.




CorkPattern code: 366233

Be Flawless with Florals

Soft and delicate looking floral wallpaper designs for walls are also a part of the Colibri family. Different aspects of the flora and fauna are wonderfully featured on the walls, giving the room a very gentle appearance. This wallpaper shows tiny little birds prettily perched up on twisting branches, giving the room a dreamy and whimsical look. Elegant white curtains and bed furnishings in the same colour palette as the wallpaper complete the bedroom’s decor theme.

With Excel Wallpapers, home decoration has never been so easy. The Colibri collection puts a fresh new spin on the tried-and-tested botanical theme. Start renovating at the earliest with Excel’s new designs!