Design like Alia's Mumbai Home in Budget

Alia Bhatt is the queen of many young hearts. In India, we tend to idolize our film stars and often try to imitate their style and mannerisms in real life. As interior designers, many get inspired by the elegantly styled beautiful homes of these film stars. Alia Bhatt’s home in Mumbai is a perfect example of a celeb home that inspires with its chic style.

blog-n-1.jpgSource: Architectural Digest India

With the right guidance and by choosing the correct elements, anyone can decorate their home like Alia’s. It does not matter whether one is a fan of her movies or not; her home is a great inspiration for interior designers and homeowners alike. Here is a simple style guide by Excel to infuse the right design elements from Alia’s home.





Minimalist Expression

Sometimes, the most glamorous people have a simple understated taste. Alia Bhatt’s living room depicts a minimalist style in neutral tones. To replicate this vibe, install a solid coloured chocolate brown or bright blue sofa in the living room and accessorize with small throw cushions in graphic prints and quirky images that will pop out. One can also add a statement rug or a large flower vase on the side. Wallpaper designs by Excel can be used for wall decor. As seen below, the grey canvas here tells a tale of simplicity and elegance.





Build a Statement Wall

When it comes to home decor, tiny little elements can have a big impact. From a rich-hued acrylic painting to a black and white photo frame, these personal collectibles help to add character in a generic room. Alia’s home has a special wall dedicated to vintage posters and quirky quotes. Taking inspiration from this, designers can also build a special wall for their clients’ homes where they can proudly show off photo-frames and paintings. Another great way to build a statement wall is to install wallpaper design for walls. Given below is a Walls by Patel design from Excel which makes the room come alive with colour and pattern, creating a visual aesthetic. It catches attention without being too loud.





Cosy Corner

Most people have a favourite corner in their home – a cosy space to rest and unwind. For Alia Bhatt, she likes to spend her free time at her reading corner built next to a large open window. Interior designers can effortlessly build a similar corner like this. The below wallpaper by Excel is perfect for a quiet and cosy space. Just add a comfy accent chair or maybe a small bookcase for lived-in feel.





Wooden Charm

One can never go wrong with a solid wood dining table set. Placed right in centre of a dining room, a wooden table looks grand and majestic with an old-world charm. It makes the space cosy and welcoming, making it ideal for mealtimes. The dining room below features a wallpaper design from the M&M collection by Excel. The warm tone and botanical prints are well-suited to the intimate and inviting ambience of the dining room.





Pastel Cabinets

Make a style statement with trendy pastel kitchens. Create a compact and cosy kitchen with pastel cabinet finishes, custom-made storage racks, and unconventional wallpaper choice. A well-designed kitchen can do wonders for the interior scheme, giving the space a sophisticated look and style. When picking kitchen wallpapers, remember to use it in a dry area away from any water splashes.

With Excel Wallpapers, homeowners can easily style their homes to look like celebrity dwellings. Our huge range of wallpaper collections allows designers to play with different styles, so they can successfully imitate an interior like that of Alia’s home.