Design Hacks for those who are MAD (Mad About Design)

Wallpaper designs for walls can bring in a certain joie de vivre to your interiors. Their brilliant colours and striking patterns make you stop and stare at even the most non-descript walls. But did you know that wallpapers do not always have to be used on the walls?

Yup, you read that right! Whatever the name might say, interior designers swear by the tactic of using wallpapers in other unusual places like a bookshelf, cabinet, or even staircase. This is a popular design hack used to add a vivacious spirit to your homely interiors. Wallpapering unsuspected objects of the home helps give them a customised touch.


Here are a few ideas to use wallpaper for walls in places that are not walls!





When Books become Beauties

In most cases, a bookshelf is made of wood or ply in a solid colour. They bring character to the room but don’t add much aesthetically. How about you add a pop of pattern by using wallpaper on the shelves? If you want minimalistic, choose a Dalmatian print for your bookshelf. Or, you can go for a colourful striped pattern. Depending on the overall look of the room, choose a wallpaper print that compliments the decor theme of your existing interior.





Design your Doorway

Some doors can take you to mystical wonderlands. Just ask Alice! You can make an unwitting door come alive by using a vividly patterned wallpaper design to completely cover the frame. From botanical prints to fluid geometric shapes, wallpapers add more visual interest to a door. It changes from ordinary to stunning.





Cabinets that ooze Charm

Use wallpaper designs for walls on a cabinet door or your cupboard door. This is a great way of giving an interiors makeover to your old storage cabinets. The exterior of your cabinets and cupboards become dull and lose shine as time passes. Cover them up in bright floral or spunky geometric wallpaper designs to give your old cabinets a cool new look.





Dressing up your Drawers

Create your bespoke interiors by using wallpapers inside your drawers. This design hack is for the pleasure of your eyes only! Find an attractive print you like, cut them according to size, and paste inside your plain white drawer. They are a great fit for your kitchen cabinets.





Be Lit Up

A simple and easy DIY project, this is a great wallpaper hack to take your interior design up by several notches. You only need to cut a sheet of wallpaper to fit the size of your lampshade, and then use tape or glue to secure it. With just a day’s work, you get a brand new lampshade at your home.





Flaunt your Stairs

Put your best foot forward, when it comes to climbing up the staircase at your home. Use bold and beautiful wallpaper design to cover up the levels of your staircase. They create a strong impact aesthetically and add instant style to your interiors.





Like it? Frame it

This is one of the easiest ways to use wallpaper in an unconventional way. Just cut up little pieces of wallpapers that you like and frame them. You can create a beautiful collage out of this. Use multiple frames of single wallpaper, or use different wallpaper designs to be framed on the wall. Put them up on a soft, muted wall and the frames will add a certain zing to your interiors.

With Excel Wallpapers, you can enhance your home interiors by using our wide range of wallpaper collections. Whether you put them up on a wall or use them to cover up your old furniture, wallpapers will bring in style and glamour to all corners of your home.