Design a Happy Home for a Mental Boost during Quarantine

Bright colours, vivacious designs, loud prints – wallpaper designs for walls can spread happiness and cheer on your home walls. And in this current lockdown situation, we need all the help we can get to make our dwellings a bright and happy space. Digital wallpaper collections by Excel are all about bringing magic to life. Their charismatic designs do a perfect job in lifting both your mood and your interiors style.

In this quarantine, it is but natural to feel down and depressed. When you are staying home all day, the colours and patterns on your wall can have a great impact on your mood. Choose the right wallpaper designs for walls that can modify your interiors to create a happy and positive vibe. Excel Wallpapers presents two new collections – Lavish and Avalon – digital wallpapers that steal the limelight in any room.

In this blog, we will learn how digital wallpapers can convert an ordinary room into a space of awe and wonder.






When colours multiply

Shades of red stir up feelings ofexcitement and enthusiasmin a room.Using wallpapers with more than one colour also adds to the sophistication of your home. With multi-coloured leafy patterns printed on a deep red background, this wallpaper from the Avalon collection is every bit opulent with thedramatic colour scheme. The contrasting shades create a warm and bright happy space in your living room. Installed as an accent wall, they are just what you need to make your traditional living room look classy and contemporary.





Paint the walls in pink

Sometimes, you need only tiny little things to cheer up your mood. Light pink hues have a calming effect on your nerves, creating a cheerful and soothing vibe in the room. This contemporary wallpaper design by Excel is a beautiful digital print with textured surface in gradients of soft pink. The floral art in a golden frame is the only shock of bright colour in this otherwise subdued wallpaper design, which serves as a focal point on the wall. Paired with complementing furniture and lighting in the room, the wallpaper instantly uplifts your mood.





A paradise of blooms

This must be the oldest trick in the textbook! Everyone knows that floral wallpapers do the absolute best job in infusing a room with happiness and cheer. With digital wallpapers, the rich colour palette gives the room a royal and luxurious vibe. The colourful, over-sized flowers in two contrasting shades make up an interesting aesthetic, making the room vibrant and colourful. This Avalon wallpaper by Excel is sure to brighten up your mood and your living space.





Where tranquility resides

Blue is the colour of peace and serenity. In this wallpaper from the Lavish collection, the room becomes a haven of quietness and solitude. And sometimes, the quiet is just what you need in this quarantine life to feel better. Just gaze at the tranquil sea backdrop and look back on your past travels with a fond smile.





The art of gold

In some cases, happiness comes from looking at beautiful things. And this golden themed digital wallpaper is all sorts of pretty in a subtle and understated manner. Elegant and soft, glamorous and enrapturing, this design from Lavish collection uplifts both your mood and your style.

With Excel’s latest digital wallpaper collections, your home walls will shower happiness and joy at every corner. Stay home and keep discovering the magic of digital prints!