Bohemian style is “in” and there is no second thought about it. Be it apparels, accessories, home décor, interiors – you name it, and boho style is what’s ruling all over. It is for quite a while now that boho chic style is popular and right now, it is making big as the best home décor trend in 2021. We, at Excel, are aware of the trend for the year ahead, and hence are all packed with wallpapers that exclusively portray bohemian style.

What is boho style?

Boho or Bohemian styling of interiors is all about incorporating a mix of different textures, bright hues, attractive patterns, and adding a touch of experimentation without losing emphasis on natural materials and comfort as an overall factor.

How is bohemian interior different from other contemporary interiors?

The contemporary boho-chic interior is quite different from other décor styles. It is warm, modish, and welcoming, mainly because of the unique depiction of natural and colourful visualization. The easiest way to give your home a bohemian makeover is by using the boho wallpaper and setting the décor right.

Things to know about boho-chic wallpaper styles:

a. Boho wallpapers are colourful

Boho style depicts freedom, individuality, and a positive attitude. The factors are easily portrayed with the right colours – a blend of pastel, warm, and bright splash of hues. The patterns can be geometric, or stripes, or just random splish-splash of abstract patterns or figures.




b. Boho is “nature”

A lot of leaves, in different size and shapes, and in different shades of greens bring out the natural elements in the best “boho” way possible. Just bring in the bohemian style the easiest way with leaves and plants in your walls.



c. Florals

Floral prints in small or big are also too boho and easy way to give your home the boho-chic look. A printed wallpaper with tiny flowers in different colours would make it a beautiful wallpaper, especially if you are looking for the perfect boho touch.



d. Worn fabric look

Another typical boho look is the worn fabric wallpaper. It can be some colourful fabric look, or patchwork wallpaper, or a regional or traditional fabric pattern for your wall for that effortless boho makeover. A leather patch or even a wood pattern wallpaper would also serve the purpose well.


e. Intricate patterns

There are several intricate patterns of boho wallpapers to choose from. Choose from metallic colours, or dual colour patterns, or monochrome ones for that perfect look.


At Excel, you can browse through a number of wallpapers that match with the boho-chic makeover that you are looking for. Make sure to get the décor and other accessories in the room accordingly or else it might end up making it look odd. Good luck and have a great bohemian makeover for the year ahead.