Classic yet so Contemporary: Wallpapers for an ultimate Interior makeover

                 “Change is the only constant.”

We have all heard this so many times! And while some changes might not be good, changing your interiors is always fun and exciting. Doing an interiors makeover for your home is an entertaining experience. From deciding your new wall décor to picking out new furniture and furnishings, interior renovation has many aspects.

At Excel, we give paramount importance to wall fashion. Wallpaper designs for walls can make or break a room’s appearance. The modern home gets a traditional touch with varied wallpaper patterns. Traditional motifs, textural graphics, and herringbone patterns are some of the classic wallpaper styles that never go out of style. They bring in a contemporary vibe your home interiors.


To give your home a complete interiors makeover, Excel Wallpapers offer the best in home wallpaper in India. Our diverse range of wallpaper collections bring in the best of global wall fashion to Indian homes.

Excel, in collaboration with European brand marburg Wallcoverings, presents the ‘Silk Road’ collection. An explosion of colour, these wallpapers have been made using the new rotation digital printing technique. In doing so, there are no repeat patterns, opening up new possibilities for wallpaper designs for walls.





The wallpapers in ‘Silk Road’ collection are an embodiment of trendy yet ethnic look. Their designs combine elements from both European and Asian cultures. The colours are rich and attractive such as orange, green and purple, as well as soft and restrained like white and grey. Give your home a classic and stylish vibe with these home wallpaper designs.





You will find wallpapers with the stylistic idiom of African fabrics. A network of irregular rectangles, in colour gradients of three hues, can be seen covering your walls. Each shade beautifully merges into each other like water colours, joined here by an elegant crossways stripe. Your living room will get a chic makeover with this wallpaper style.

Wallpapers with a textile finish can have a powerful impact on your interior scheme. It looks almost as if squares have been made out of hemp fabric. Digitally printed, they feature vertical stripes reminiscent of skyscraper canyons, softened by the colour progressions. Your bedroom will get a rich luxurious vibe with these wallpaper designs for walls.










Once again partnering up with marburg Wallcoverings, Excel presents the ‘Platinum’ collection. Designed to make your home walls feel like a precious gem, this mainly matter wallpaper collection offers stunning colour highlights like oranges and violets, and also quieter accents in gold or white.















Wallpapers with naturalistic textures give a contemporary twist your interiors. The surface is reminiscent of a concrete structure with a woven design of mosaic tiles. Your bedroom gets a rustic touch with this simple yet effective wallpaper pattern.

The ‘Platinum’ collection also has wallpapers that look like raffia matting. The design is based on real raffia, offered in a stunning set of colours. An assortment of oranges, reds and violets, the hues blend in like a water-colour painting. Another design that resembles a mountain lake comes in enchanting greens and blues; while one more comes in the combination of nutmeg and curry.

Make your home walls stand out with wallpaper designs from Excel. We have the best of global wallcoverings designs that give you a promise of an interiors makeover like no other! Be it an urban apartment or a farmhouse bungalow, Excel Wallpapers are perfect for every contemporary home.