Change the look & feel of your interiors in a day

This lockdown, we have been stuck at home. After all the shows have been watched and the cakes have been baked, what shall one do?With recreational options being limited, perhaps it’s a good thing that a change in interiors can be done without stepping out of the house. Have you ever given a thought about decorating your window space?

Yes, that’s right. Usually, when we say home décor, the first thing that comes to mind is wall fashion or furniture style. But as it turns out, digital printed window blinds can also be an effective tool to completely change the look of your interiors. Windows usually take up a significant part of our home walls. While curtains and window blinds sure do add a charm of their own, they are mostly used as a functional element.

Window blinds are mostly used to block the outside light from coming in and to enable privacy. But with Excel’s latest range of digital window blinds, they can also assist in the task of interior decoration. Window blinds can be customised as per your personal tastes, from a bright floral design to grey monochrome patterns.


In this blog, let’s take a look at some wow-worthy window blinds by Excel.





Yellow that yells Cheerfulness

Decorative window blinds provide the best results in rooms where the walls are minimal. This beautiful blind shown here features stunningly bright yellow daffodils. The shock of vivid colour on the blind demands attention, becoming the focal point in the room. If you have a modest home interior style, adding this window blind will definitely make a change in your decor.





Nature that Soothes

Changing your interiors look does not have to mean adding vibrant colours to your room. Sometimes, even soft and subdued patterns can create a feel-good vibe. This window blind design by Excel is a visually pleasing botanical pattern. The grey juxtaposed with green has a soothing effect, instantly making your room feel more welcome and inviting.





Arresting Monochromes

Some window blinds make you stop and stare. This window blind shown here is just one of those; where you cannot help but look back a second time. The intricate floral pattern has been drawn in black ink over a beige background, making it stand out even among white walls. They add in style and grace to your interiors.





Gorgeous Geometrics

Geometric patterns are a forever favourite in home decor. Be it wallpaper for walls or yourbedsheet design, geometric shapesalways create a visual impression. As seen here in the window blind, the diagonal stripes in red and blue completely change the look of the minimally decorated hallway. It brings forth a spark of life in this dull interior.

Changing your home interiors is a piece of cake with Excel's range of digital window blinds. Whether you want to add colour to a room or make a space more visually interesting, window blinds will perfectly do the job. Happy decorating with Excel!