Wallpaper has made a stunning comeback into the designing world and announced its entry in style. The polarizing alternative to traditional paints has returned with uber-cool prints, stylish patterns, and dimensional fabrics. Offering way more class appeal than paint, a wallpaper is a fun way to completely transform your room in no time.

Indians love their festival, while the entire world goes gaga over the carnival in Rio or Tomorrow Land in Belgium, no one can celebrate festivals better than Indians. Holi, Diwali, or Christmas any festive season here, is a fine blend of vibrant colors and delighted faces. Indians don’t only celebrate festivals, they wear festivals! And this is where wallpapers play a huge role.

Ask the bedroom walls, the glorious wallpaper for bedroom walls completely revamps the interiors and instill a feeling of celebration during any festive season. As they say ‘Charity begins at home’, In India ’festival begins at home’.

Redecorating the house walls with elegant colors is an endearing ritual during Diwali. If you want a quiet holiday, with a box of pizza and Netflix, behind closed doors, the vibrant and colorful wallpaper designs will add the much needed festive flavor to your life. The 3D wallpaper for home wall India provides the perfect ambiance for an enthralling party with friends with the festive feeling intact.

Christmas wallpapers, candle wallpapers, and fluorescent floral wallpapers are some of the best wallpapers which express festivity. And the invention of customized wallpaper means that you can get any design you wish for.

The immense popularity of wallpaper for bedroom walls means that the traditional wall paints are on their way to history books. Indeed, the modern day 3D wallpaper for home wall India stuck a proverbial boot into the faces of plain walls. The fantastic whimsical bold prints and dramatically oversized designs with characters pulled out from fairy tales romancing with sharp lifelike images is all down to the gobsmacked advancement in the field of digital printing.

In an era, where wallpaper for bedroom walls have become the talk of the town, the most used area of the home like kitchen and bathroom are also shining in their new outfits, all thanks to washable wallpapers. Using wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom is now considered a fascinating idea to shed some class even into the secret areas of your house. Wallpaper can be a nice way to revamp the dry areas of your bathroom like powder room and dining area in the kitchen.

Finding wallpaper is no more a Herculean task. If looking for the top 3D wallpaper for home wall India, Excel Wallpaper is your best option. Excel Wallpaper has a plethora of wallpapers tailor-made for every unique need.  

So, kick start this festive season with a bang! Get the best wallpapers and never miss out on the festive spirit!