Bringing space to your small rooms-Wallpaper hacks you must know

We all dream of a vast expansive home with spacious rooms! But the reality is often very different. In the urban city life, we have to deal with modest-sized apartments and constricted space. But wallpapers can be used creatively to make a small space appear bigger. Home wallpaper comes in a wide variety of designs, colours, textures, and patterns. Interior designers and homeowners can make use of specific patterns and textures to make a small room look more spacious.


Excel Wallpapers offers a wide choice of wallpaper collections. From floral patterns to geometric shapes, botanical prints to damask motifs, Excel gives consumers a lot of options to choose from. When picking out a wallpaper design for small spaces, here are the things to keep in mind.White is a timeless colour that never goes out of style. Being inherently bright, white walls create a feeling of large, open space. For a small-sized living room, it is advisable to use white or off-white wallpaper designs for the living room. Minimalist style like self-pattern motifs, tiny polka dots, or negative space design would look good. Pair the walls with white furnishings such as furniture, lighting, curtains, and rugs. The pristine whiteness in every aspect of the room will make it look brighter, giving it a spacious feel. Excel Wallpapers have a broad range of white wallpapers to make your room look more expansive.




Metallic Finish

Metallic wallpapers with a glossy finish are known to add depth in a small room. This type of home wallpaper brings in more light and brightness to your small space. When the lights get reflected on these polished walls, it makes the room look bigger and spacious than it really is. Choose smaller, more demure prints for the best effect. Wallpapers in gold, silver, copper or bronze tones have the added result of making a space look luxurious. Homeowners can also choose a rose gold metallic shade to create a unique appearance. Excel Wallpapers have some glittering choices of metallic wallpapers that are both classy and stylish at the same time.





Spice it up with Stripes

Stripes are fun and versatile. Colour-wise, they can be tone-on-tone or contrasting shades. Pattern-wise, they can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Striped wallpaper designs for living room will be a great fit in a small space. Horizontal stripes make the room feel wider and can elongate spaces. In narrow areas like a hallway or staircase, use bold colour stripes to make the space look busy. Excel Wallpapers have a diverse collection of striped wallpapers, ranging from horizontal to vertical to diagonal.




Create a Focal Point

Choose large-printed floral designs for an accent wall in your small bedroom. This creates a focal point in the room, giving it a more organized and clutter-free look. The large florals draw your attention as soon as you enter the small space, not giving you the time to register the small space of the room. Excel offers a wide choice of floral designs that can be used in living room, bedroom, bathroom, and any other space.





Green Foliage

One way to make a room feel spacious is to include some indoor plants. The green life gives a more open vibe to the room. This can also be applied to home wallpaper. Large banana leaf patterns or palm trees covering up a wall are great wallpaper ideas which bring in more space to a small room. Excel Wallpapers have varied styles of leafy patterns and botanical prints to choose from.


With so many fantastic wallpaper designs, small rooms are no more a problem! Even the tiniest of spaces can be made into a beautiful corner with the aid of smart wallpapering tips. Make Excel Wallpapers your perfect home décor partner and revamp your small rooms.