Bringing Hygge to the Home with Excel

Hygge, pronounced as 'hue-guh', is a Danish origin word which essentially means a quality of cosiness that gives rise to a feeling of contentment and well-being. Interior design with Hygge elements means creating a warm and cosy home for the ultimate relaxation. It is about designing a space that invokes the feeling of togetherness in the air.

Interior designers need to be really selective when picking wallpaper designs for walls for a Hygge home. While minimalistic designs in muted colours seem to be the best choice for this interior style, it does not necessarily have to be just bland monochromes. Wallpapers are an excellent way of adding some natural elements to one’s home walls. Whether it is a delicate floral print, an unconventional motif with tiny leaves, or a faux wood surface, wallpapers can successfully bring some texture to one’s walls

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Excel Wallpapers is among the leading players in the wallpaper segment in India. We have a diverse range of home wallpaper collections suitable for every interior style and decor. With the help of Excel’s wallpaper range, here is how one can achieve the Hygge look.




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Less Is More

Minimalism is the key for this particular interior style. No need to fill up the room with myriad accessories. Just pick elements that serve both function and subtle style. Choose earthy coloured wallpaper designs for walls to create a sense of space and calm. Pick out a snug, comfy looking sofa in a neutral shade. Use decorative cushions to add some colour to the space. A coffee table in the centre will complete the Hygge look perfectly. The “less is more” approach to home decor creates a classy, upscale look.




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Neutral colour scheme

With all their liveliness and energy, colours can sometimes be very distracting. While designing a Hygge home, each element should contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Sticking to a neutral colour palette is important when creating a relaxing space. It helps to bring about a more balanced feel. Look for wallpaper designs for walls in pastel shades like light greys, browns and creams. Using such warm tones not only add cosiness to a space, but also make it feel more open and close to nature. This creates a warm and inviting space for people who visit.




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Comfort is the key

Cosiness is the most important word associated with Hygge. Designers shall aim to create a snug relaxing space for unwinding after a hard day. One way to do so is by using a lot of fluffy pillows and soft comforters in the room. Build small nooks like a window bench for snuggling up on late winter nights. Such cosy corners are ideal for getting lost in an old book with a warm cup of cocoa.




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Add texture

Sometimes, neutral tones like whites and creams can seem very bland in particular spaces like a living room or dining area. Adding some texture to the home wallpaper is an easy way to make the space look interesting. Pick a minimalist design that does not break the calm and tranquillity of the space, but at the same time, adds a visual twist to the room’s aesthetics. Geometric patterns or traditional motifs are a good way to bring texture to the walls.

With the wide choice of Excel Wallpapers, designing a Hygge home has never been so easy before. From neutral shades to minimalist patterns, choose whatever feels right for the space. Build a home that feels warm and cosy from the first step in.