The ongoing pandemic has been devastating for all of us across the globe. Everyone is practically locked inside their rooms, missing out the touch of nature and the regularity of normal life. The “new” normal is claustrophobic. How about bringing a piece of nature inside your home with the right wallpapers that showcase nature in the best way. Excel offers the most efficient and the easiest way to feel the touch of nature right inside your home.

Let’s tell you about some of our creations that you can use to bring a soothing touch of nature to your home.


a. Tropical Inspiration


While vacations are still on hold for some more time, treat yourself with some tropical vibes with lots of greens, big leaves, colourful floral patterns, with a hint of blue. Feel the vibes with this wallpaper from Excel that speaks of nature every single inch.


b. Vitamin Sea



How about taking a trip to the waves and plunge into the deep ocean? Create a virtual sea inside your study or personal space with this wallpaper. Feel the energy rising and positivity flowing in asyou attend that zoom call from office, or dive in to some peaceful music during your leisure.


c. Flowers and more flowers


This one is for all the girls next door who have been missing the spring, the autumn, and the colours of the season. Decorate your bedroom with lots of flowers all around to enjoy the visual treat.


d. Beyond the sky as the limit


They say the sky is the limit. And for dreamers, it is better to thin beyond the sky. This wallpaper is the perfect touch of nature where the clouds are dreamy and the blue induces creativity and hope to survive.


e. Jungle in your room


Aha, the best one in the list, what say! Jungle theme wallpapers are the best for kids’ room. Let the monkeys, giraffes, and elephants give them company most adorably.

Loving the collection, aren’t you? Excel has more such nature-inspired wallpapers that would straightaway take you to feel the vibes of a fresh life. Scroll through their collection and find your favourite.