Blinds are the new curtains – Why window blinds are a must-have

Wall decor, furniture pieces, and furnishings – these are the usual suspects that come to mind whenever we think of renovating a room. While doing up the interiors of a home, we pay utmost attention to the colour of our walls and the furniture we choose. But one thing we tend to neglect – the window decor. This is a huge mistake to make!

Windows allow natural light to pour inside our interior spaces. They bring in light to our rooms; and if done right, they can add so much more to our home’s interiors. Decorative window blinds are increasingly becoming a common interior decor trend, one that you should be paying more attention to.

Excel Wallpapers is one of the finest wallpaper companies in India. And now this leading player in the home decor sector has launched its own range of window blinds. Digitally printed roller blinds for the windows can bring in class and elegance to the interiors.

Traditionally, curtains have been the go-to option for window coverage in most homes. Window blinds have been the choice in corporate spaces. But in the last few years, many homeowners have been opting for roller blinds for its clean-cut looks which help instil a sense of structure to space. They are made of soft fabric which matches with your other furnishings, while still offering the functionality of light control for window blinds.

Excel’s roller blinds are the perfect way to incorporate a minimalist, tidy look in your home; while also being very cost effective. The fabric is made of 42% Polyester and 58% Acrylic, with a thickness of 450 Microns. Our window blinds come with easy maintenance. They can be cleaned with either vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. You can easily roll away the blinds to expose the entire window open and allow natural light to pour inside whenever desired. Thanks to advanced technology, roller blinds are designed to hide the roll and brackets. This helps in achieving a clean, modern look and also reduces the light gap at the top of the blind.

When it comes to decorating your windows with roller blinds, Excel spoils you for choices. Our digitally printed window screens add colour and panache to your rooms. Below are the top design trends for window blinds.

blog-n-1.jpgFloral prints have always been a huge favourite in home decor. In 2020, these patterns will get bolder, bigger and with exaggerated proportions. The colours are also getting richer, taking on a new palette with contrasting colours and brighter designs. Large-printed and over-exuberant floral designs are going to be really popular in the window blinds category. They lend themselves beautifully into all kinds of interior schemes, both in the living room and bedroom.





You can incorporate vibrant shade into your home interiors by picking a window blind in this timeless hue. From a geometric print in royal blue to calming scenery in the lightest of green, Excel has many designs that will paint your windows in hues of nature. The colour is dark and intense, as well as soothing and elegant. It adds a nice vibe to your home.





Windows allow us a peek into the outside world. Many of us love standing near the window and just looking out towards the city. So, it should come as no surprise that outdoor scenes are a big hit when it comes to window blinds. From natural sceneries with blooming flora and fauna that depict lush greenery or a beautiful sunrise that look like an artistic painting - outdoor scenes with floral escapades are quite popular for window blinds. They add a decorative element into the room’s interiors.


With Excel, you can now install the most beautiful roller blinds for your windows with the least hassle. Place your orders now through the Excel Digital App.