Add Festive Feels to Your Rooms with Luxury Wallpaper

Versace is a name that needs no introduction. As the name suggests, one can expect a certain degree of elegance through its premium range of wallpapers. Luxury is at the heart of every design and we at Excel are proud to display some of the most iconic prints that are a must-have for a festive touch.

So go ahead and immerse yourself in the beauty of these exclusive prints below.

Traditional expressions of luxury

Versace 4

With this design from the Versace collection, witness how luxury blooms throughout your spaces. This traditional, classic display of gold captures exactly what this Italian fashion house is all about. This designer wallpaper for the walls of your living and dining rooms are also available in other colours. Sparking an effortless visual delight, make your home an exhibition of sophistication with Diwali.

Circular patterns of grace

Versace 4

The monochromatic palette of greys and white functions to create a strong, lasting impression. This luxury wallpaper for living rooms, as well as bedrooms, is the perfect instance of that comforting yet elegant vibe we wish to create. This style is also available in several varieties. Not only does it add a rich, luxurious feel but also expresses detail in regards to shape and construction. Quite a visual treat, don’t you think?

Squares that speak of royalty

Versace 4

These oriental motifs each have a story embedded in them. Woven neatly in the shape of squares, they are bound to maximize the style in any room they are placed in. Be it a hall room or a living room in India, this wallpaper is also available in other varieties to choose from. So this Diwali, let Versace do the talking and make your home a true expression of luxury.

Minimal tones of soft, grey elegance

Versace 4

It’s amazing how a simple pattern lends a charming aesthetic to spaces. Offering a majestic sense of serenity, the crowns hide in plain sight interspersed with dusky spots of foliage. It is also available in several attractive shades to choose from. These traditional wallpaper designs for bedroom and living room walls are set to make your home an exceptional space to invite the celebrations.

Floral elegance at its finest 

Versace 4

This subtle form of luxury can be seen from every leaflet that freely floats in the air. The seamless patterns of this neo-baroque bring forward a scenery of pure, golden bliss. Being one of the best wallpapers for living in India, it is also available in several varieties based on your distinct tastes. So if Diwali is a celebration of grandeur to you, this style is sure to suit your aesthetic preferences and revamp your home interiors with ease.

And with Excel, you have access to all these designs alongside 10,000+ more! Upon request, we can also develop your bespoke designs in India online with customized wallpaper. Get in touch and let’s get your home festival ready today!