Interior renovation does not always have to mean big changes. There is much more you can do than painting your walls or revamping your floors. Sometimes, even the little alterations can make a big difference. Adding a statement wallpaper design to the living room or digitally printed window blinds in your bedroom can completely transform the look of your home.

With Excel, give your old interiors a brand new spin. From wallpapers and window blinds to premium flooring choices, Excel provides easy design solutions to give your home a complete interiors makeover.



Wallpapers that leave you in awe

If you want an interior décor transformation, wallpaper designs for walls are a definite way of doing so. Beautiful floral blooms, lush green botanicals, classic damask prints, contemporary geometric shapes, and even 3D patterns – there is no limit when it comes to the variety of wallpaper designs.

With Excel, you can browse through the latest and trendiest international wallpaper collections. Pick a lush tropical wallpaper design and let wilderness inside your living room. Transform your bare white walls to a virtual forest with botanical wallpaper designs for walls. The greenery gives the room a warm and open vibe, creating a cosy feeling. The birds on the branches make your walls stand out, giving a visual twist to your interiors.



Windows that create wonder

Windows are an integral part of all homes. They let in natural light into the room, making the space feel brighter. Most of our furniture is placed against the walls, so the window space usually also means no furniture. Style up this open side of your room with digitally printed blinds!

Excel offers customized window blind solutions with digitally printed blinds hanging like an art piece on your windows. Featuring beautiful floral designs, these window blinds can completely change the feel of your interiors. Bright coloured blooms put the spotlight on your windows, making them the focal point in that room. Window blinds by Excel transform the way one looks at your room.



Floorings that fetch all the compliments

Though often neglected, the flooring of a home is vital to its interior scheme. It may not be as prominent as wall colours or the window space, but they form the very base of a room. Changing the existing flooring of your home can dramatically transform how the space looks.

Excel has introduced the latest innovation in the world of flooring – SPC Floor planks. This eco-friendly product has a limestone core combined with PVC dust and a stabilizer. Give an aesthetic makeover to your interiors with this premium flooring solution by Excel. The high-end finish will give your home a stylish revamp.



So are you still thinking about an interior décor transformation for your home? Excel gives you the best design solutions for a stylish and elegant home. With our varied range of wallpapers, window blinds and floorings, we make interior renovation easy and effortless.