Your bedroom is ideally your place of solace and peace. Every person starts and ends his/her day in the bedroom. Needless to say, having it designed in your affect way should be the topmost priority after buying a new house. The colours used, the patterns selected, all of it, not only affects the aesthetics of your entire house but also affects the way how you choose to begin and end your day. Choosing the right combination and striking the perfect balance can sometimes be overwhelming for interior design enthusiasts.

Wallpapers are relatively a new topic of discussion in India. It is a popular choice for the fast-moving crowds, who don’t stick the same colour palette for ten years. Wallpapers are a brilliant option to keep up with the interior designing trends, as they are easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain, and extremely cost-effective. While major wallpapering houses of the country like Excel Wallpapers host a variety of wallpaper finishes, designs, patterns, and unique colours 

Here are some of the most beautiful wallpaper design ideas for you to choose from

The Magic of Stripes


Handpicked from Excel Wallpapers exclusive Darae 4 collection can be a perfect addition to your bedrooms. The long lines and muted shades not only spell out zen and calmness but also accentuates the dynamics of the room. Stripes and similar geometric patterns can help you perceive your room differently.

City Life Reflection



This young, vibrant, contemporary, and abstract geometric wallpaper is a brilliant city life reflection. With a modern approach, this city outline wallpaper from Hera 5 collection, is not only an interesting piece of art but also a very precisely detailed commentary on your room aesthetic. This city outline wallpaper is a perfect mixture of traditionalism and modern art, which will be a style statement for any bedroom.

Fun with Alphabets



Who said learning should be only limited to textbooks? With this fun wallpaper from Excel’s Darae 4 collection, learning can also be fun. This alphabet-themed wallpaper is a perfect addition to your kid’s rooms. Your kids can have an exciting room, where they can learn and be in awe of the designs at the same time.

Calming Blue Hue for Aqua Lovers



This cloudscape wallpaper is selected from the Darae 4 collection of Excel Wallpapers. The mingling of the whites and the blues exude calmness and sets an overall soothing tone for the entire room. The clouds, the hint of sunlight, and the overpowering splash of blue is a perfect way to start your busy day.

Give the Touch of Royalty 



This bold black and gold design from Excel Wallpapers' Hera 5 gives you a personalised added touch of royal living. The bold and big traditional pattern carries a heavy statement that spells out confidence till its last letter. Needless to say, the contrasting colour combination of the wallpaper is also perfect for a feature wall in your bedroom.

Choosing the right design that suits your personality and overall house aesthetics can be pretty overwhelming. These are just some of the many designs that Excel Wallpapers now have in store for their customers. Visit the Excel Wallpapers website to get more ideas on how to spruce up the empty walls of your bedroom with beautiful wallpapers.