Wallpaper has become the utmost part of every household nowadays. Be it a middle class one or the high-class home, wallpaper makes every room look gorgeous and attractive. The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. Making it look exactly the way you want, must include styling it with the right wallpaper for bedroom walls. People often love the idea of wallpapers for their home sweet home but often fail to make the right choice. This blog is written exactly to answer all your queries about choosing the right wallpaper for your home. We have shared various looks that wallpapers can give to your bedroom through this blog. Choose the right one and make your bedroom a style statement with Excel wallpapers. Check out the awesome tips that can rescue you from the dilemma of selecting the right wallpaper for home wall.

A Toning Floral – Always believe in the power of a flower. Make it the statement wallpaper with the bold floral theme on your bedroom walls. Just be careful as this is a very strong choice and can clutter your bedroom with a feeling of too much. So, be very subtle with the accessories you accompany it with. Keep the décor minimalistic and the colour sober enough to complement the floral wallpaper for bedroom walls.

Play it with Pattern – When confused, just use same patterns on your walls. If you are choosing wallpaper for home wall, make sure the patters fall behind the headboards, making the subtle colours come alive. You can always repeat the same patterned wallpaper for more than one wall. The repetition is not always boring and it can be soothing to your eyes at times. This soothe is proved by the patterned wallpaper for home wall offered by Excel wall-coverings.

Pin it with Stripes – Nothing can bring crisp on your walls like an immaculate pinstripe. So, it is best as the choice of wallpaper for bedroom walls. Style the room with quirky striped patterns accompanied by the animal print plates or funky accessories. If you need to put some striking elements then a statement lamp will do away with. Avoid making the room too stuffy.

Mend it with Monochrome – This is the most classic approach in case of designing your room with wallpapers. Choose the monochrome style like the all-time favorite black and white or the soft pinks. With this wallpaper for home wall, you have the liberty to clutter with other bold elements. Combine with a statement chandelier or bright coloured cushions, furnishings, and throws.

For the sweet dreams, you need a beautiful bedroom. In order to have a gorgeous one, choose among the Excel wall coverings. Whether a stripped one or a patterned or maybe a simple monochrome, Excel has a wide range of wallpaper for bedroom walls that can create nothing but magic.