Be bold, Be remembered – Wallpapers for creating a Statement

Wallpapers are the best thing to have ever happened in the world of home décor. These decorative sheets on walls can give a complete makeover to your homes and offices. From adding a burst of colour to your plain white walls to letting a black-and-white design take prominence on your entryway hall, wallpapers for walls can be used for all sorts of decorating needs.

If you're in middle of making some renovation decisions, using wallpaper designs for living room might be a good idea. Wallpapers have the power to make your guests stop and stare. As a home owner, you can effectively make use of decorative wallpapers to create a statement wall in your home. Thanks to the technological advancements in digital printing, wallpapers nowadays come in an endless choice of different colours, designs and textures.



Collection: Platinum

Pattern: 31029

Excel Wallpapers is one of the finest wallpaper companies in India. With a wide range of wallpaper collections brought to you by leading designers of the world, Excel provides the best of global wall fashion to Indian homes. The brand’s latest offerings include ‘Silk Road’, ‘Platinum’ and ‘Evolve’ collections.These wallpapers have the most stunning designs ever seen, available in some of the richest hues produced.

Interior designers can use wallpapers for making a bold visual statement. Their colourful designs and striking patterns can bring in some life and excitement to a boring space. Wallpaper designs for living room are the best way to make your home walls stand out among the clutter of furniture and furnishings. Some of the best ideas for statement wallpapers are:






We know what you’re thinking! What is so statement-worthy in geometric wallpaper designs? They have been around for ages, and used commonly by most home owners. But with Excel’s Evolve Collection, geometric shapes take on a new flavour. Horizontal stripes look like watercolours merged into one other, and shapes and forms come together to create a curious piece of abstract art. Excel offers uniquely designed geometric wallpaper for walls that will add style and elegance to your home walls. Create a statement with such wallpaper designs and make your rooms more interesting visually.






Vibrantly patterned wallpaper designs bring in life and colour to a room. But faux textured wallpapers add a new twist to your interiors. They offer distinctive texture and style, as well as create a visual statement. The most-used pattern for faux wallpaper for walls is the stone brick look. Excel’s Platinum Collection offers a wallpaper style that is a combination of two patterns: a very realistic concrete structure and a woven design reminiscent of mosaic tiles. Installing such a pattern, your urban apartment will get a completely industrial look. Faux textured wallpaper designs come in a wide variety of patterns like brickwork, clad timber, and natural finishes like jute, seagrass and paper yarns. They bring in a tangible sense of grace and poise to the space.






Excel’s Silk Road Collection is an explosion of colour on your walls. These wallpapers have been produced using the new rotation digital printing technique, creating impressive wall pictures. An unusual way of creating statement is to choose the minimalistic way. To add colour and glamour to a subdued room, create an accent wall with richly hued wallpaper pattern. All eyes will go on the coloured stretch of your wall, giving the space a wow factor!

With these new collections from Excel, renovating your home walls is now a piece of cake. The extensive collection of wallpaper styles will spoil you for choice when it comes to picking a wallpaper design!