All you need to know about Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the easiest and most convenient form of interior decoration. They bring in colours and patterns to any wall, converting a bland corner into a stylish space. Wallpaper design for walls have been gaining more attention from homeowners in past few years. They have been around for decades, but recently, wallpapers have started featuring more prominently in home decor.

Traditionally, Indian homes have always been a bit inclined towards wall paint. Wallpapers were mostly used in commercial properties like office spaces or hotel rooms and lobbies. But interior designers will agree when we say that the market has seen a gradual shift. There has been a growing demand for using wallpapers on home walls.

The Indian wallpaper industry was worth US$ 87 Million in 2018–19. Globally, the wallpaper market is estimated to reach US$ 7.74 Billion by 2023. It is no wonder then that the wallpaper market in India has been steadily growing in recent years.Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading wallpaper companies in India. Our vast range of wallpaper collections aims to bring the best of global wall fashion to most Indian homes.


In this blog, let us understand why wallpapers are winning the race over wall paints.





The Installation Process

If we cut down the process into just bare minimum required, then hanging wallpaper is all about cutting the paper and pasting it onto the walls. While of course there is a certain expertise in doing the job, essentially that’s all one needs to do.

With painting jobs, there is much more that goes into it. The walls have to be smoothened, furniture has to be shifted, and floors need to be covered. Then, a coat of primer must be applied and the surface has to be left to be dried.All of this before the painting can even begin. Then, once a base coat is applied, the walls need to dry again, before a second coat can be painted. It all turns out to be very time-consuming.

Installing wallpaper on walls are quick and easy. A room can be finished within a day. Once done, the surface doesn’t need to be dried, nor is there any odour left in the air. The room is ready to move in. It is a hassle-free and time-saving process. For homeowners who are short on time, wallpapers seem like a much more appealing choice than paints.





Limitless Design Possibilities

Be it paint or wallpaper, the end result one is looking for is creating beautiful homes. And with wallpaper designs for walls, there is no design idea that’s out of reach. With paint, homeowners can only choose the wall colour in a particular shade. Of course, one could go for patterns or textured paint, but it is not very common and also expensive.

Wallpapers present countless designs options – floral, botanicals, stripes, damasks, geometrics, metallic, faux textured, murals, and even, 3D designs. With the rising trend of digital wallpapers, homeowners can also choose customized wallpaper designs. A garden of colourful blooms or a faux-textured white-bricked wall, wallpaper designs can completely change the look of any room. They add instant glamour to any space. Collaborating with well-known designers and leading global brands, Excel has some of the best wallpaper collections offered in India.





Lasts for Years

Wall paintsstart to fade after a few years. They lose their shine and colour within 3-4 years. They don’t retain the polished look for a long time. Sometimes, wall cracks appear or damp stains can cause discoloured walls.

Wallpapers are long-lasting. They are easy to clean and require minimum maintenance. Since most wallpapers are printed digitally, their colour and designs remain intact even after years. Wallpapers can easily last for about 8-10 years without much effort. Their long durability also makes them cost-efficient in the long run.





Lower VOC emissions

Wall paints are made of toxic chemicals. They release Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) gases into the air, which causes indoor air pollution in your home. Long-term exposure to VOC gases can cause serious health effects, especially in children.

Wallpapers are made of paper and other renewable materials. They do not release any toxic gases into the air. Compared to paints, most wallpaper have zero to nil VOC emissions. Thus, they are a healthier option of home decor.

In conclusion, we will say that wallpapersoffer a lot of practical advantages compared to paints. With Excel Wallpapers, designers and homeowners can make their choice from one of our numerous collections. Have a fun time checking our designs!