Affordable Interior Design Tips for Stunning Style on a Budget

Having a high-end looking home can be difficult, especially when one has a limited budget. Fortunately, there are ways – even on a budget – that allows one to get the high-end look in an ordinary home. Using wallpapers is one of the economical ways to renovate a space. The myriad colours and patterns seen in wallpaper designs for walls help to bring in a new spin to an old room.

Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading names in the home decor sector. With our diverse range of wallpaper collections, we continue to strive to bring in the latest and trendiest of global wall fashion to Indian homes. Wallpapers by Excel are both economical and highly durable, making them the first choice for affordable home decor.

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Here are some affordable interior decor tips that can guide homeowners and interior designers in achieving a stunning style without breaking the bank.




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Choose decor style & colour palette first

The number one thing that makes a beautiful home is the feeling of cohesion seen through all the rooms. Put some considerable thought into the decor of the space as a whole to achieve a high-end feel. Does the homeowner want a contemporary look? The industrial art deco style? Or will the bohemian vibe work? These are some questions to find answers to.

Next, one has to decide the colour palette of the home. Remember to choose colours that will not bore the owner. When picking wallpaper for walls, make sure that the colours are not too overwhelming for the owner. Designers can try out a sample wallpaper to create a visual reference. This will help in saving money in case the wallpaper is not as per taste. Wastage is minimal.




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Remove the excess clutter

When renovating a home, it is very important to first clear the clutter from the existing decor scheme. This can include furniture pieces, decor items and other myriad accessories. Remove things that are no more needed. A cleaner room is always easier to decorate. Designers can have more of an empty space to renovate and stylize. Homeowners who want a fresh and organized look for their home interiors, geometric wallpaper designs for walls would be a good fit. They add a sense of symmetry to any space. The distinct shapes and forms bring in an elegant and sharp look to the decor. It makes the rooms look clean and clutter-free, while also adding depth to the walls. Geometric wallpapers are especially suitable for the living room.




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Think Innovative

When it comes to affordable home decor, one needs to get creative with their ideas. If a room has existing wallpaper and it is going to be renovated, interior designers can use the same old wallpaper design and frame a small pattern out of it. This can be used as a decorative photo frame to glamour up blank walls. Homeowners can also use old wallpaper sheet to cover up small side tables or shelves on the wall. This serves dual purpose, giving a new fresh look to old furniture and also adding colour to the room or specific objects. This small trick helps save significant money, as well boost up the style quotient.




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Create focal points on the walls

Walls are the biggest surfaces in a room and thus, have the biggest impact on interior design. Wallpaper for walls are a great way to add personality and colour to one’s walls. If the homeowner is on a tight budget and cannot splurge on an excessive wallpaper design, accent walls can work as a wonderful solution. Instead of covering all four walls of the room, put up wallpaper on only a single wall. This creates a distinct impression. Accent wallpaper deigns capture attention, look amazing, and work as a focal point in the room. Their rich colour and intricate patterns pull the focus on that singular wall rather than other elements of the room.

Wallpaper designs for walls from Excel’s wide range of collections offer great many choices for affordable interior decor. Homeowners can browse through our extensive collection and easily find the right fit for their home walls. With Excel Wallpapers, wall fashion is both easy and affordable.