Adding the Chinoiserie flavour to your home with Excel

If you’re a home décor enthusiast, you have surely come across the word ‘Chinoiserie’ on Pinterest or Instagram accompanied by beautiful images of wallpaper designs, chinaware and furniture pieces. Chinoiserie is a Western style of decorative art that is characterised by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques. This style rose to fame during the 18th Century and is recognised as a symbol of oriental beauty.

Chinoiserie home decor is a big trend in the interior decor sector. Chinoiserie wallpaper designs for walls mainly comprise of Chinese patterns and figures, and extravagant scenery. Their rich attractive colours and exotic eye-catching designs make them perfect for changing the look of a home. They add drama and bring in vintage glamour to any space.

Looking for a complete overhaul of your interior style? Chinoiserie home wallpaper is your best bet. As one of the top wallpaper companies in India, Excel Wallpapers is always bringing the latest and trendiest of global wall fashion into Indian homes. We offer plenty of wallpaper collections where you can find Chinoiserie patterns for your home walls.


But first, let us understand the origin of Chinoiserie design.

The word Chinoiserie is derived from the French word “chinois” which means ‘Chinese’. It is an artistic style that shows a fantasised and romanticised version of how Europeans thought Chinese culture to be like. It originated at the beginning of the 17th century.

European fascination with the Far East can be traced back to the 14th century when Italian explorer Marco Polo travelled to China through the Silk Route for trade purposes. In addition to silk and porcelain, he also traded stories of the richness of Chinese people. The Europeans were in great fascination of this exotic race of people. This gave birth to a new decorative style with whimsical, fantastical scenery and playful flourishes.





In the present day, Chinoiserie wallpaper designs for walls include both traditional Chinese motifs and the more modern European interpretation. The aesthetic is light and airy, featuring fanciful illustrations of a diverse range of motifs.

A lot of these wallpapers have a hidden tribute to the Chinese history and culture. They can show a grand palace or pagoda-like structure with exotic landscapes; or just a busy marketplace with people in elaborate robes, coolie hats, long ponytails and moustaches. Such designs are ideal for your living room or to create an accent wall in your hallway.

If you’re in love with wild floral patterns and nature-based designs, Chinoiserie wallpaper designs with their whimsical natural sceneries are the ideal choice for you. Bright-hued and large-printed florals inclusive of colourful tropical birds and lush garden vignettes are the most popular aspect of Chinoiserie decor. They can be categorized as floral wallpapers, but the rich strokes of colours and larger-than-life designs make them unmistakably Chinoiserie patterns.





Fanciful birds and mythical creatures also feature heavily in Chinoiserie home wallpaper. Dragons and phoenixes in their stunningly rich shades of colours create a vivid impact on your walls. From bedrooms and living rooms to narrow corridors and open-planned kitchens, these wallpapers can add style and glamour to any and every corner of your home.

When it comes to changing the look and feel of a room, Chinoiserie wallpaper designs can do wonders for your interiors. Their richly hued motifs with exotic patterns give the room a contemporary traditional look. With Excel Wallpapers by your side, you can choose from a have a diverse range of wallpaper collections.