It is about time that you bid adieu to the grandma’s floral print wallpapers and replace them with modern, abstract, bold, and vibrant print wallpapers. Wallpapers are back, and they are here to stay. While minimalism is still a trend, 2021 is all about the maximalism approach. Wallpapers are back, and they are here to stay. The wallpaper trend has quickly moved from quiet, simple, traditional prints to head-turning, pop art inspired, abstract prints.

Accenting a singular wall, ceiling, or even the entire room with fun and exciting prints will not only make your rooms more exciting, but also provide an enhanced look to them. Using an impactful wallpaper for your walls adds a different meaning altogether to your living space. Strong colours, iconic prints, unique finishes keep spaces exciting and quirky at at the same time. Turn those blank boring walls, into pieces of art, one wallpaper roll at a time.

Here is a collection of bold and unique wallpapers that can help you alleviate your room essence:


Bright 3D Block

Let us start off our list with this vibrant three-dimensional block print wallpaper. Inspired from the modernity of 3D art and colours all around this, this wallpaper is perfect for an accent wall to enhance the size of your room. This 3D block print wallpaper can be a beautiful addition to your kid’s room, or can even be used as a wallpaper for your kitchen.


Dark Cosmos

Inspired from the vastness and ambiguity of our universe, this dark blue and white themed cosmic pattern simply screams bold. If you are looking for options to showcase your love for the mysticism of space, adding this wallpaper to your bedroom or living room can be a beautiful choice. This wallpaper will not only be a conversation starter but also be calming and bold at the same time.


City Scaper

A fitting contrast to the humdrum of city life, this vertical line emphasised wallpaper is not only a bold print, but also a fitting reflection of urban life. The vertical lines when complimented with modern furniture and vibrant fabrics can help take smaller rooms with lower ceiling to newer heights.


Green Forest

This bright, playful yet calming wallpaper reflects the luscious green forests with a magnificent flare caused from sunlight. This wallpaper will be responsible for brightening up your room with positive aura. The vibrant shades of yellow, green, and white mix beautifully together to accent and highlight your empty spaces. Complementing this unique and eye-candy print with bright pieces of furniture and textiles can be a beautiful idea for your kids’ room.


Flora Burst

Tropical and floral prints have always been a fun design. This colourful, bright, and saturated wallpaper is a piece of work which will draw all the attention on the room. The bold strokes traversing through the chic colour palette has power to add drama to your interior space. While accenting a wall of a room with this wallpaper is a common idea, going wild and using this floral print on all walls can give your room a bold and beach vibe.

These are just some of the many unique, bold, vibrant designs Excel Wallpapers have in store. As wallpapers are easy-to-apply, cost-effective, and available in a plethora pof prints, they are a common favourite among décor geeks. Choose from the array of wall-covering options and transform your muted walls into exciting, quirky, beautiful, and elegant designs.