There’s something about wallpapers that always keeps us coming back for more. Whether it’s the creation of a different ambience or the range of designs and styles, it is easily the most preferred design element used in a room. Designer wallpapers for walls add depth, establish moods and bring life to spaces – this small change carries such a huge impact!

And with this in mind, it becomes quite difficult to choose the perfect wallpaper.

Whether for bedrooms and living rooms, wallpapers in India are available in a variety of patterns to choose from. Imagine a room covered entirely in pattern and texture – a transformation that speaks for itself! And the best part? It can be adjusted as per your home décor style. There are unlimited varieties to choose from that best suit your tastes and intended mood. In fact, the progress in new printing techniques and finishes brings even more styles to the table.

But that’s a topic for another day.

Here’s a rundown of the year’s best of the best wallpaper styles for homes.

Top Wallpaper Designs that Left Us Awestruck in 2021

Expressions of Nature’s Finest

Nature-themed designs have never lost their charm despite the changing times. Keeping your home in tune with the natural world, playful prints such as this bear affinity to savannah wilderness and scenes reminiscent of jungles. This luxury wallpaper for living rooms turns your home into a passport to a world of vibrant botanicals and palms that are defined by earthy, neutral shades. Designs such as bamboo motifs and tropical leaves make for an impactful accent wall – definitely a wallpaper trend that has defined 2021.

Collection name: HERA 5

Pattern number: 6048-2

Style: Floral, 3D Designs

Curved Stripes of Sophistication

As the time we spend at home has increased, so has the need for soothing wallpaperdesignsfor bedroom walls and those of living rooms as well. Tranquil wallpaper designs have become a necessity since they aren’t overwhelming to the eye and bring a calm persona within indoor spaces. Using neutral, earthy tones, wallpapers such as these are deemed as ‘soft’ as they propel meditation and peace of mind. Clean and neat in design, it brings that extra pop to spaces without going overboard. This has been favoured by many and has easily found itself on this list.

Collection name: Celebration

Pattern number: 85031-3

Style: Abstract, 3D, Young & Contemporary

Surreal Wonders Make a Statement

One of the primary reasons behind choosing wallpaper is self-expression. But this does not necessarily mean that there needs to be a pattern, object or motif involved. As fluid as our personalities, abstract wallpapers act as reflections of creativity and taste. Dreamy, vibrant and expressively unique, this type of modern wallpaper changes bedrooms and living rooms into true works of art. Patterns such as these are incredibly soft as well and easily add character to interior spaces – it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best-selling wallpapers of the year!

Collection name: HERA 5

Pattern number: 6077-2

Style: Abstract Geometric, 3D Designs

Where Grandeur and Geometry Meet

Wallpapers for living rooms tend to be more important since they exhibit a family’s collective personality. So what better way than through contemporary geometric patterns? Just as this style above, luxury is neatly balanced with intricate geometric designs composed of ornate elements of sophistication. It is also a great choice for an accent wall to differentiate spaces apart. Classy bedroom wallpaper designs are also endowed with the effortless ability to add grandeur inside. Designs such as this stand as evidence. Its limited colour palette and simplicity make it remarkable indeed. 

Collection name: Celebration

Pattern number: 77178-1

Style: Modern Damask, Young  & Contemporary


If colours, design and patterns fascinate you, designs such as these will surely impress.

But with Excel, you have the entire world of decorating possibilities at your feet. Constantly pushing the boundaries with the availability of new, exclusive prints, it further adds to the hype for designer wallpaper for walls.

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