It is almost the end of the bitter-sweet year and by now all are tired of being caged in our homes. Positively looking forward to the new year needs some recreation. And the best way to recreate is to redecorate your home.

Also, it’s winter! It is that time of the year which is associated with spending more time with family at home and inside. This arises a great opportunity to rethink your interior design ideas. Whether you want to tweak your home looks a bit, or you want to renovate your home, a little guidance is just what you need.

While redecoration includes many aspects, people tend to forget one of the most important but neglected things, the floors!

Excel not only provides you with the wallpaper solutions but also gives you a complete range of floor covering with which you can change the look of your home and uplift your mood.

Finding flooring and design inspirations on the internet can sometimes prove to be more difficult than you expect and there are hundreds of content which can slop into your mind but ultimately make you more confused to choose from.

From the vast collection of floor coverings of Excel add the aristocrat beauty of natural stone in your home interiors with the Prime floor Stone series – a neutral yet latest fashionable collection inspired by nature with innovative and rich designs. These will give you a realistic look of natural marble, stone and carpet finished SPC planks that will catch the eyes with the trending colours and designs.


The SPC Stone series floors give you a sophisticated look at a very reasonable price. These faux stone texture floors add an intrinsic look and unvarying elegance to any room. This is the best choice for a luxurious look of the room which provides the best durability that makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas.





Make a bold revelation with the design in your home with the awestruck carpet series from Excel. With the stunning look-alike carpet floorings, you can now add a bright look to your room which will mark a style statement. This carpet replica with the blend of natural colours and shades can complement your interior décor perfectly.



Get a marble look at home with our natural faux cracked marble design to add the truest sense of sophistication and elegance to your home. Featuring powerful marble effect fill your space with warmth and naturalness without the expensive price. The rigid structure of this plank makes it suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The light colour shades make it perfect for complementing with designer wall designs and gives your room a majestic look.



One of the reasons SPC is favourite flooring option for so many is its versatility. Unlike other flooring options like hardwood, you can install SPC in any part of the house. Here are some of our favourite SPC floor design ideas.




Your floors can be a point of focus of your dining room where you gather with your friends and family to spend a merry time over dinners and parties. Here you can choose the Fynchenite Bright from the marble series of Excel with soft and even colour palette and less pronounced veins.




Enhance the comfortable bedroom designs and create an ambience of warm, relaxing, and pleasant home interiors with our realistic carpet style floorings to add beautiful decoration patterns to complement bedroom or living designs. The best way to choose the perfect flooris from the carpet series for Excel.




The stone series collection is perfect for your kitchen which will also complement your kitchen walls and modular finished kitchen setup making it a smart flooring material at home. You can’t get more natural when it comes to kitchen flooring than stone SPC floorings. It’s earthy and faux stone texture, make it a great alternative to other kitchen floorings options.



Loved the flooring ideas? Don’t forget to check out the entire range of flooring collections from Excel. They will not only give your home a regal look but will also provide you and your family safety and comfort.